Rescue organization discusses animal cruelty after young horse dies

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CEDAR CITY, Utah -- A young horse that was rescued out of Enoch earlier this month after being found frozen to the ground has died.

The Dust Devil Ranch Sanctuary for Horses in Cedar City said Elsa the horse died Saturday afternoon surrounded by people who watched over and cared for her.

Elsa's mother was also rescued by the sanctuary, where she continues to receive care. A similar organization exists here in northern Utah for abused or neglected horses.

Madaresgold Horse Rescue is a local non-profit with the sole purpose of finding neglected animals like Elsa before it’s too late.

Founders of the non-profit, Kendra and James Munden, said it's all too common for people to get excited and buy a horse, only to realize it's more than they can handle. They see more neglected horses in the winter months because caring for and feeding horses is much more expensive during the colder months.

However, the Mundens said that's no excuse, and what happened to Elsa in Cedar City could and should have been prevented.

“Starving to death to me is one of the most horrible things you could ever endure, and people need to, if they can’t feed them or don’t want to, they need to try and place them somewhere before they get to that point that they’re starving,” Kendra Munden said.

An Enoch City man faces animal cruelty charges in connection with the incident.

If you know of a horse being neglected or abused or you’re having trouble caring for your equine, Madares Gold Horse Rescue can help.


  • russojoe205000

    If that is not a case of animal cruelty then I don’t know what is…
    The owner should be thrown in jail for neglect and abuse and never allowed to own an animal again!!!

  • KToth

    According to Iron County officials, the owner/abuser recieved citations for a class B misdemeanor; in other words, a slight slap on the wrist. We need to change Utah’s animal abuse statute and increase penalties. People who so callously disregard the suffering they cause should not be able to slip through with a little “no-no.” This should be a felony. We need to change Utah’s law now. Contact your state legislators as they are about to start the 2014 session.

  • anonymous

    The name has been released that owned the horses … Sonn Berrett they live on Enoch road in Enoch … There will be candle circles infront of the house currently being planned by local animal lovers !!

  • sharonberry

    What do we know about this owner? And is hurting the owner the answer? 2 wrongs don’t make a right. How about some counseling for the owner? It’s not easy for some people to get help, they don’t know where to turn to and they themselves more than likely need just as much help. They are “frozen” to the ground in their own way

  • catperson

    The owners are heavily into school wrestling. They’ve stated that when wrestling is on, the rest of the world just stops. Guess they weren’t kidding.

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