Video: George Takei discusses gay marriage in Utah, says governor harmed citizens

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Actor and activist George Takei, most famous for his role as Hikaru Sulu in Star Trek, was in Salt Lake City Friday, and during his conversation with FOX 13 News he had some comments for Utah Gov. Gary Herbert on gay marriage.

Takei, who is gay, is well-known for his activism on behalf of the LGBT community, see the video above for his interview.

Takei said he thinks Herbert should not have said the state will not recognize the same-sex marriages that were performed in the state during the window in which they were allowed.

"Marriages that already happened, marriages that were lawful, marriages that were paid for by the couples that got married no longer gonna be recognized," he said. "What is his [Herbert's] problem? It is two people who love each other, are committed to each other...2,600 plus citizens of Utah were done harm consciously and willfully by the governor, and I am very much shocked, disappointed."

Takei was in the state for an event promoting the 2014 Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience.

He is also promoting a documentary film, "To be Takei".


  • Ashe

    WHOA I move out of Utah for two years, and when I stop by to see what’s going on in my own home-state what do I find? Max Roth is turning into a PUMPKIN! :-O

    • Jay

      the thing about rights is,,people do not vote on them! Shame on herbert the bigot! Yes, when you devalue and dehumanize people your a bigot! This governor is shameful!

    • Mobious One

      Rich, Hey there buddy. I know this must be hard for you to see that the white, hetero, christian males are losing control on this country and now LGBT, women, and minorities are now getting the same rights that you already had. But ya gotta let go, times are changing and you can either change with them or pout and be miserable the rest of your life. You got to let go of this 66% you keep speaking of. They don’t exist anymore. At best you have 48% and most of that 48% is at least in favor of civil unions, and most of that 48% wouldn’t be willing to flush $2,000,000 of tax payer money to fight a losing battle (and possibly expand SSM to all 50 states at your expense). And of course all of that is meaningless because as it’s been discussed over and over again from the lowest and highest courts, the people can’t vote away someone else’s constitutional rights. Hence the conservative Judge Shelby ruled as such (and the Judge in Oklahoma also).

      Well, fortunately for you that most LGBT, women, and minorities aren’t interested in getting revenge, so you won’t have to worry about losing the rights you already had. Well, you will lose some. You’re going to lose the right to deny other people thier rights. But other than that, your life will go pretty much the same. That is unless you chose to sit around your house and mull over how strangers you don’t even know aren’t living their lives the way you want them to. But only an extraordinarily stupid and shallow minded person would waste brain power on that. You take care bud. Hang in there. Everything will be alright, I promise. :-D

  • Tyrell

    One nation with liberty and justice for all! I don’t care what you think you have a voice in! You don’t know me. I already paid for my marriage and I’ll be damned if this Utah government will steal my rights and my money! I’ll see you all in Appeals Court. ;)

  • Clint Taurus

    Quite frankly, mor(m)ons are a cult of female child abusers, multiple wives, levels of heaven that are bought with money, Make believe plants called KOLOB, cursing people that do not have white skin, golden tablets that no one has ever seen, a “religion” founded by a man that declared himself a second savior, the same man was illiterate, meaning he could not read or write, yet he received golden tablets that were written by gawd, a cult that has deprogrammers just like scientology, a church that has 25% of the wealth of the catholic church and the catholic church has over 1 billion followers, yet the mor(m)on cult has only 12 million, and what’s with steeples that poke 500 feet into the sky placed on top of large white ouithouses? You can expect this kind of rubbish from a gubernator bigot that belongs to a cult

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