5 dead in apparent murder-suicide in Spanish Fork

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SPANISH FORK, Utah -- The Spanish Fork community is reeling after a murder-suicide left an entire family of five dead.

Authorities said a Lindon police officer killed his wife, two children, and mother-in-law before taking his own life.

Nearly 24 hours after officers made the gruesome discovery, there are still lots of unanswered questions. The main question on everyone's mind - why did this happen and what caused it?

The unfolding of Thursday's tragic discovery began when 34-year-old Joshua Boren, an officer with the Lindon Police Department, failed to show up for his shift Thursday night. After an hour with no sign of him, officers went to his house. Spanish Fork Police Chief Steve Adams described the scene.

"Found that there was some activity there that was of a suspicious nature, specifically they found - upon looking through a window and door - that there was some blood and some bullet casings and I believe even a slug that was noticed by the officers,” he said.

When officers went inside, they found Boren's mother-in-law, 55-year-old Marie King, Boren's wife, 32-year-old Kelly Boren, and his two children, 7-year-old Joshua "Jaden" and 5-year-old Haley all dead along with Boren himself.

"We hope to gain an understanding at some time of all the things that was going through Josh's mind, but I'm certain that we're not going to be able to do that,” Adams said.

Authorities believe the rocky, on-again, off-again marriage between Boren and his wife may have led to the quadruple murder-suicide, though they did not find a suicide note inside the house.

Neighbors who knew the family are in disbelief.

"All I know is that there had to be something going on with him and his wife because I knew how much he loved those kids - so something wasn't right with him when it all happened," said one neighbor who did not want to be identified.

Lindon Police Chief Cody Cullimore said - in the three months Boren has been on the force - that his behavior has not raised any concern within the department.

"There were no red flags, everything about him was outstanding,” he said. “His performance since that time has been outstanding."

Authorities believe the last contact anyone had with Boren was Thursday at about 4:30 p.m. on a phone call, but they are not releasing any details related to the nature of that call.

The bodies are at the Utah State Medical Examiner's Office. Authorities are waiting for preliminary results of the autopsies.

Chief Cullimore also issued a statement regarding the incident. Read the statement below:

The Lindon City Police Department is saddened to learn of the tragic events which occurred at the Spanish Fork home of Officer Joshua Boren on Thursday, January 16, 2014.

Officer Boren was hired by the Police Department on October 14, 2013 and has worked as a patrol officer since that time. Prior to coming to the Lindon Police Department, Officer Boren worked as a Deputy with the Utah County Sheriff’s office for over seven years.

Officer Boren was selected for hire in October from a field of over 70 highly qualified applicants and had performed admirably as a patrol officer. His conduct, behavior and professionalism were exemplary.

We are shocked and saddened by the events as they appear to have occurred. We are working closely with the Spanish Fork Police Department to investigate and hopefully come to an understanding of this tragic occurrence.

Officers said the bodies will be transferred to the State Medical Examiner’s Office where autopsies will be performed.

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  • Jennifer Peterson

    What is up with all of the murder suicides lately? Why do they have to kill their family too? I can’t wait to get out of Utah!!

  • Janet Madden

    Beautiful Family!! So Very, VERY SAD!!! And, I agree that there is something going on in Utah!! Why so MANY Murder/Suicides lately?? Seems like every day!!! I wouldn’t wanna live there either!!!!! May the victims forever rest in peace…..and the shooter ~ Well, may he burn in Hell!!!! Saddened in Port Orchard, Washington!!!! Poor Children!!! :'(

  • Tori

    It doesn’t make sense the neighbors said that he looked like a happy man with his kids. But there might have been something going on with his wife that must have been pretty serious to make him grabb a gun and fire. Even at his own children and take their lives over something that was probably going on between him and his wife. They look like a happy family but every family has their problems and sometimes one member of the family finds the worst ways to solve them. Rest in peace Boren family and Marie King

  • JJJ

    Wonder if this is in any way related to the Syracuse murder suicide….same ages, the ladies even look very similar to one another….wonder if this was an affair gone really tragic…..so sad, hope their families find peace

      • sadden

        true Joanne but still how many deaths have been with guns in the homes lately childen shooting childrens because a child found a gun in the home.. gun control I say not much control now a days

    • No gun control

      Gun control is not any form of answer to this. If someone wants to kill they will! So leave my rights to own a gun out this

  • dan

    It is wrong to take something tragic like this and turn it into a political agenda. Don’t even mention gun control – for or against. These are people; not political props. This is so sad. My thoughts go out to the family members.

    • sadden

      sorry Dan I wasn’t making a political statement at all.. just upset about the whole tragedy ..Im sorry I offended anyone .

  • bret h.

    So many of these truly sad events are tied to pharmaceuticals. Just because they are prescribed doesn’t mean they are safe. It doesn’t mention anything in this particular story but it has been a factor in so many other similar cases. Hopefully when ever this is a factor in cases it will be disclosed to the public. Normal people don’t shoot their own family – sick, mentally deranged people do. And BTW leave the judgement part to God. He alone knows all the facts.

  • Jessica

    What a tragedy for, not just this family and town, or even Utah, but for the human race. I agree this is not about gun control or pharmaceuticals…this is about an individual with an issue he didn’t know how to resolve. We cannot speculate or pass judgement on this or any situation because that is God’s job, and his alone. He knows the trials and tribulations of every breath taken on this earth, and if we would just trust in him to walk with us these things would become less and less. May the one’s left behind find peace through God and may the ears this story falls upon help others to find Him.

  • Mario Mano

    Dysfunctional and amorous lifestyles of Americans…seems like adults in America are unable to develop emotionally beyond the teenage level. In most of these kinds of stories, where one parent takes out the entire family seems to have it’s roots in one partner not being able to control his/her carnal desires.
    Take the case of Richard Berman in Florida… the man enjoying life with outside ladies. The woman couldn’t handle living in a slightly less luxurious house, takes out the lives of two extremely talented kids in blaze of glory.
    That lady in syracuse, utah couldn’t handle her live-in boyfriend leaving her. Where was the baby daddy of her first kid ? baby daddy of second kid ? What a dysfunctional lifestyle.
    Now this story…I would not be surprised to hear the wife getting bored and wanting to leave the marriage. Sigh….I am loosing sensitivity to these kinds of stories now.

    • Awb12

      I have to agree. On the wife’s FB page, she listed a town in the UK as “moved to” it was not Northampton, where she was from this occurred just a day or two ago. Also, it was reported that they were amicably separated, having taken a family Christmas vacation together- but still living under same roof.
      Wondering if she was planning to move back across the pond with the kids? This easily could have caused him to snap.

      • DobbyD

        Maria King, Kelly Boren’s Mother was from the UK, British accent and all. She met Kelly’s dad while he was in the military over there. Maria traveled all over with him. Kelly was a military kid. Joshua was a possessive, selfish and violent man.

  • Ken Jensen

    I wish people would quit talking gun control and talk about the real issue! Education about gun safety. If people remember back in the day kids in the scouts were taught gun safety! And that you don’t point a gun unless you are going to shot it! Now you see police braking that safety issue every day! Let’s don’t forget ower for fathers and the proper training! Very sad not a gun issue! :)

  • jeremy

    He was far from a gentle giant. He was a monster and now everybody has seen why. I know about the side that none of you know. Try being under his supervision at the county jail and then make a comment. This man treated me so bad while incarcerated I can’t even have anything positive to say because of thw things he said and did to me. It surprises me not one bit that he did this. Praying is an option but to be honest, that’s just some belief. Its a religion. Thats all it is, a belief. All I know is im glad he took himself out. How he won’t hurt anymore people. .

    • PsychologyOfAbuse

      I was leaning toward abusive person. Fits the profile. Hypermasculine cop, in a patriarchal and rural county, beautiful wife that an abuser would feel the need to control, on-off-again relationship… Her mom could have been there helping her pack, and he caught them. It’s sadly pretty typical. Note that I’m not accusing, just noticing clues, and wishing that more people knew the clues and dynamics of abuse. Like how it would surprise everyone, because abusers are most often completely charming and of calm demeanor except at home or left alone with vulnerable people.

      Read “Why Does He Do That? Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men” by Lundy Bancroft, a psychologist who works with abusers.

  • MJ Brewer

    Can’t imagine gun control would have helped here, although it’s odd the police department hired him only three months ago. They require a psyche exam before employing officers.

    Looking at the photos of this family, I cannot imagine what must go through a parent’s head, seeing their petrified children just before they shoot them.

    We are doing our best to relocate because of the known pollutants and cases of MS arising in this state. Hopefully it will be soon. Peace be with all the family and friends of this family. What a lovely family it was.

  • Megan

    It never surprises me what some people think gun control is. Yes, a big part is keeping them out of the wrong hands. But we also need them stored properly ago the kids don’t find them. And teach your kids AT THE RIGHT AGE, not 2. This is not hiding it in the sock drawer away from the kids. Mine sit in an 8 ton safe, with every other irreplaceable item. BUY THE PROPER STORAGE BEFORE YOU BUY THE GUN.

  • Scott

    My wife and I worked out at the same gym as them and our relation to them was very superficial so I will keep my judgment superficial due to the fact that I am clueless of who they really are. My wife is amazing and my two oldest are 8 and 5 so I cannot comprehend what was going through this man’s mind and obviously there is no justifications for what he did. Friends and family are entitled to have a deep seeded judgment for they are directly affected by this tragic incident. At the end of the day the ultimate one who will judge is our Lord and Savior.

  • joanne

    Dobby i will talk with my aunts tomoz as its late here now but i will get them to get in contact with u as they might want them

  • Kieth Vickers

    Why do mothers-in-law insinuate themselves into families? Why do women today think gyms are homes and dressing like street walkers while sharing sexual photos of themselves on the internet is acceptable? Why do cop types have to be so controlling? Why do numbskulls defend all of it? Why do memorials to a tragically murdered family open with “Drink a Beer”? Why do people think God is dead and religion is useless? It’s all so sad.

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