Bottle believed to contain nitroglycerin prompts neighborhood evacuation

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PLEASANT VIEW, Utah -- When Marjie Higgins got word to evacuate, she worried about her cats.

"I'm a senior and I live alone and they're my companions," Higgins said.

Higgins lives in the Evergreen Mobile Home Park in Pleasant View, where her neighbors found a bottle while cleaning out an old aluminum shed. They did not recognize the liquid inside the bottle, but their neighbor thought it looked like nitroglycerin, so the men left it where it was and called police.

It was 9:15 in the morning, and soon the small community had a hazmat team examining the chemical while the bomb squad brought in a robot and a reinforced trailer.

"Nitroglycerin is a very unstable, very volatile substance," said Lt. Mark Lowther of the Northern Utah Incident Management Team.

Police went door to door evacuating residents like Marjie Higgins.

It took four hours, but responders were able to identify the chemical as an industrial cleaner. The all clear came at 1:15 pm, and a relieved Marjie Higgins got to return home to her two cats.



  • Jessica

    Can I just say I live in the above Trailer park and our friend lives around the block. They only evacuated one block of the entire place.

  • Dave

    I also live in this Trailer Park, and Had no idea what was going on. The whole park is 3 blocks long, tops. I live 2 streets away and had to google it to see what was going on. Scary

  • candice driscoll

    We live in the trailer park and we found out about it because the people at the bar across the street were evacuated but not us. That’s strange we never heard a word about it until we left for the store and asked the cops who denied any bomb threat. In not sure why the people at the bar are more important than my grandmother. Way to go evergreen keep raising the lot rent after all we know we don’t pay for security!

  • Jessica

    The only reason I found out about it is because I took my son to the bus stop. Which is located by where they have the block evacuated. It wasn’t until about 15 minutes after we arrived we were asked to have the kids wait for the bus at the other entrance. I agree with Candice on this. Way to go!

    P.S. This is the same Jessica as before!

  • Cynthia

    I live in the park too on the south east end and I never got evacuated I didn’t know anything was going on either till my oxygen deliver came and the driver told me after making a delivery on the north end someone stopped him and told him what was going on

  • Tasia Randall

    I live in this park and had no clue until a family member was watching the news called to see if we were ok

  • Krysten

    I’m also a resident here. We were not informed of anything either… I found out at the gas station when I saw all the big government vehicles. . . So typical of government rescue to aid and assist all BUT those deemed “disposable”. Just because we temporarily live in a mobile home, that doesn’t make you “trailer trash”. Look at the FEMA funding currently going on… The wealthier regions are being approved for emergency funds while the lower class divisions are almost completely ignored. Hmmmm sounds familiar (Hurricane Katrina) . . . .

  • Christopher Beebe

    Well, in such cases, better to take no chances on a suspicious liquid – evacuate the neighborhood and bring in a robot – than risk a potentially lethal and explosive situation. Thank goodness it was only industrial cleaner.

  • Ashlee

    Sadly there was no evacuation on my block that i know of, im on the 300 block and there was no knock at the door. I was leaving at around 1:30 when i saw fox 13 as well as police cars and an ambulance leaving out the first entrance. Would have been nice to be notified if myself or my family were in danger.

  • amberly

    Well i have relatives in the park and i know this much evergreen mobile home park was once a quiet nice place to live in. Now that the rent for the lot alone has gone up so much, the cost to live in the park runs around 800 a month n that’s being nice. So trash is far from it. But hey they treat the people who live there Like they are. In glad you all were and are safe even though your park didn’t seem to care

  • Tanya

    I live couple houses anyway! Me and my one year old was home all day never heard anything about this until the new came on! Nice to know they didn’t care to inform us about it! I don’t believe they told anyone to leave their homes!

  • Jennifer

    I’m reading these comments and it saddens me . I am also a resident and live on the next street over and had no idea and was never told anything .I found out when I left to go to work and the exit was blocked. Good thing they told us cause our kids were on their way to being dropped off right in the middle of it. Thank you To the parent that called the bus drivers.

  • lynn

    we live just a few trailers from where it was taking place, and the only reason we knew anything was that one of the gentlemen involved is a friend of my husbands… other than that we would have had no idea, until we saw it come on the news… and candice is so right, rent keeps going up every few months and we don’t see where it is going to, sure isn’t going to the residents, for anything.. there is so many excuses and nothing getting done around here.

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