4 suspects, victim in murder case have criminal histories

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WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah – Police have identified a man who was found dead near Snowbasin Tuesday, and four people face charges in connection with the man’s death.

According to a press release from the West Valley City Police Department, the body found is that of 35-year-old Cleat Aaron Knight.

Knight was reported missing Dec. 8 by members of his family, and police have been following up on information regarding his disappearance. Further investigation revealed that the suspects allegedly planned to kidnap Knight due to a disputed debt involving drugs, according to the release.

Deputy Chief Mike Powell of the West Valley City Police Department said the alleged events took the suspects and their victims on a journey through several jurisdictions.

"This whole incident was a result of an alleged drug debt, and the suspects involved in this particular case developed this plan to kidnap Cleat," he said. "As they followed through, or began to follow through with that plan, it started here in West Valley City, went through South Salt Lake, and ultimately ended up in Weber County."

Investigators found information that lead them to Knight’s body Tuesday, and an autopsy revealed that Knight died due to gunshot injuries. The body was recovered from under about 6 feet of snow.

The four individuals each face charges of aggravated kidnapping, criminal homicide and obstruction of justice, according to the press release. The suspects are: 35-year-old Christopher Kim Leech, also known as “Psycho Chris”; 42-year-old Viliamu Seumanu, also known as “Juice”; 41-year-old Tina Maxine Soules; and 42-year-old Theron Myore, also known as “T.J.”

Police said all four suspects have criminal records, and FOX 13 News covered a case in 2007 in which Leech, "Psycho Chris", was charged with attempted murder.

Police said in that incident Leech fired several rounds at a fellow motorist in Taylorsville. He allegedly fired the shots through the window of his own car and over the heads of his two small children, who were in the backseat of the vehicle. Leech was ultimately found guilty of aggravated assault in connection with the incident.

Police said Leech is the prime suspect in the murder of Knight.

According to court documents, Knight also had prior criminal convictions, including obstruction of justice in 2011, attempted possession or use of a controlled substance in 2011, attempted theft by receiving stolen property in 2010, and attempted forgery in 2007. Knight had numerous other convictions, which date back to 1999.

The case remains under investigation, and FOX 13 News will have more information as it becomes available.


  • hanna youngblood

    R.i.p. cleat I hope these p.o.s never see the light of day again nd may they rot in hell u will be missed

  • Jes

    R.i.p. Cleat there will always be the funny times that we had. He was always had the crowd going. You will be missed this way. To the family my heart goes out to

  • Lenard

    R.I.P. Cleat, you’ll be missed deeply by family and friends and never forgotten. I hope and prey that Justice will be done for those involved. Fly with the Angels cuz ! Much love always !!! :-(


  • Zeus

    R.I.P. Bro and bless u and ur family u always did try and help everybody that needed help or was in a bind for the wrong reasons but sometimes u also took in more than u really should of my thoughts and prayers go out to the family and I hope others learn from this tragedy because it’s a misfortunate thing but preventable stay away from the street life stay away from those who can AND will take advantage of u if they can ….

  • Toni

    I didn’t know the victim, in this story, but I know people, who did. I find it sad and disrespectful, that the media thinks that it’s necessary, to hang out his “dirty laundry” for all the world to see! Show some respect, not only for the victim, but also for his family and friends! If someone really wants to know his history, it’s public record, and they can go through the process of looking into it. No matter what poor choices a person might make, in their life, they don’t deserve to be killed, in cold blood, like this poor guy!

  • R

    I agree they don’t need to point out his faults he did his time….. cleat you will be missed brother .. we love you may the legend live on through your music. We love you cleat.

  • ashley drake


  • Michellyn

    Cleat you are s missed by thoughts who have the privalage of knowing you.thank you for letting me be one of ur friends. I hope u are looking down on all of us and doing your thing…u wear taken from family and friends way to soon. Know that you unborn child will be loved by us.r.ip …..FRIENDSHIP~LOVE~LOYALITY.in life and in death..tink

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