Utah domestic violence deaths decreased in 2013

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SALT LAKE CITY - For years, Utah has been above the national average in the number of cases of domestic abuse. But in 2013, there were fewer cases.

There were 22 victims of domestic violence in Utah who did not survive. The Utah Domestic Violence Council says that's down from the 30 in 2012, but still 22 too many.

"It's not just husbands and wives, it's family members. There's a lot of predictability factors so that makes it preventative and that's why it's so important people reach out for resources," said Peg Coleman, Utah Domestic Violence Council.

Social workers say one of the biggest problems is that victims aren't aware of the resources available to them.

"We need to ensure that people are safe, kids especially, but all people. No one needs to be hit, no one needs to be hurt, no one needs to be abused," Coleman said.

One such resource is the statewide domestic violence link line, which will link any caller to free help like the Family Crisis Center. That number is 1-800-897-LINK (5465).

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  • Elizabeth

    Tell that to my neighbor who is being abused by her husband…. tried to help to no avail :( If they started making stricter laws & harsher sentences to the abusers then we might see a real drop in domestic violence….

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