Potter-lovers play muggle version of Quidditch

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RIVERTON, Utah - The Harry Potter series introduced us to a game called Quidditch, and now it's a real sport...without the flying.

Athletes and Potter fans gathered in at the Utah Sports Lodge in Riverton on Saturday to play the muggle version of the wizard sport.

"We like to say it's Harry Potter inspired. We did our best to take the game from Harry Potter and apply it to real sports," said player Micah Haji-Sheikh.

The sport is a combination of three different games wrapped into one, and it takes inspiration from other sports like lacrosse, flag football and dodgeball, but there are some unique Harry Potter additions.

"We have brooms, Quaffles, Snitches. It's very unique," said player Mandi Amigh.

Players say that in recent years, they've moved away from the Harry Potter themes and let it develop into a real sport.

"It's a full contact, co-ed sport, and we don't really wear padding or helmets or anything. It's pretty intense," said Haji-Sheikh.

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