Police warn against phone scam coming from 473 area code

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Police agencies along the Wasatch Front are warning Utahns about a phone scam that could result in a huge, unwanted charge on their next phone bill.

Spanish Fork Police said residents have been receiving calls from the number 473-520-9774 and other 473 area code numbers. They said the caller is moaning and claiming to be in distress, but it's all a scam call from Grenada.

Officers said if you receive a call from the number, don't answer and don't call back. If you do call back, you'll be charged with a large connection fee.

"If it's someone who wants to talk to you or get information to you, they're going to leave a voicemail," Sandy Police Sgt. John Arnold said. "If you don't recognize the number, or if it's not someone you're familiar with... let those numbers go to voicemail."

Police said it's important for parents to warn children about not answering or calling back numbers they don't know or recognize.

The Utah Department of Public Safety released this statement regarding the scam:

The Utah Department of Public Safety Cyber Crimes Unit and the Statewide Information and Analysis Center (SIAC) are working with the FBI and other Utah Law Enforcement agencies to provide any additional information that may safeguard the people of Utah.

First and foremost, we ask people to block all calls from area code 473 (Granada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique) Do not answer…as this is an aggressive scam targeting Utah phone numbers. If you answer this call, you may hear someone in distress, they will then hang up. They expect that you will call back, they will then capture confidential information from your phone that can result in thousands of dollars being charged to phone accounts just by answering or calling back.


For those who are unable block calls on their phones we ask that you contact your phone service provider to get assistance.

“Utah DPS personnel are aggressively working to minimize the impact of this scam for Utah citizens who may be targeted” says Keith Squires Commissioner of the Utah Department of Public Safety.


  • Nicole Brown

    My husband got called last night, just an hour after I had read this on face book. Did not answer. Looking back through my phone details, I also recieved a call back on 12-22nd. Glad I missed that call !!

  • juliem

    Yep….both my husband and I got the call early this morning. With both of us getting the call, we were so tempted to call it back wondering who would have both of our numbers. So glad we didn’t.

  • Shay Graham

    I received a call on my cell phone from the 473 area code. at about 5 this morning. I didn’t know who it was and didn’t answer. I did try calling back, but it said I had reached a non working number.

  • Marsha

    Received call at 6:53 p.m. on my Verizon cell…473-520-9773 called. Didn’t answer or call back. Thank you for the warning.

  • Kris Ashdown

    I received a call from 473-520-9773 last night. It only rang once and hung up. I didn’t call back and no message was left. They are definitely hitting hard!

  • Chad C

    Unfortunately, I did call the number back. I get a lot of calls out of state (due to work), and I thought it was an emergency since they actually called twice. I was only on the call for less than 30 seconds (it sounded like two people having physical relations), then I hung-up after I figured out this was a scam. I did contact Verizon, and they told me that they were aware of this, sorry for the call, and my account is safe and I will not be billed for anything.

  • Casey

    I got this same call this morning around 5am… do not answer it! Luckily it was 5am and I wasn’t going to wake up for a random number that early. Also I don’t usually answer random numbers. Glad I saw this warning

  • lehan

    last nite 7 pm the number called my number , I called it back and it did not ring just went straight into porno talk. I tried to call it again to try and leave them a mssg. didn’t work,,,,terrible

  • John Francis Cannon

    My wife and I each received one of these calls, but we didn’t answer and didn’t call them back. I called our carrier just now (T-mobile) and was told there was no way we could be charged anything from answering such a call and that if we called the number back the only charge we could possibly get through T-mobile would be the charge for making an international call to that number. If this is true then the news stories are greatly exaggerated…no surprise there. I would be interested to know whether anyone has actually been charged as the news stories claim.

  • lance

    I also missed a call from the 473 area code. Unfortunately I called it back as I have been expecting an important call. When the call connected I heard what sounded like two people knocking boots. I hung up immediately. This was about a week ago. Tonight I heard about the scam on the local news. I called my carrier ( verizon ) and was told that as of the moment there were no unusual charges.
    But in the event that I do get dinged I would need to work it out with Verizon’s fraud department.
    Local law enforcement is warning the public.
    What I would like is a name and an address !!

  • Lisa

    My daughter and I were talking to each other on New Year’s Day when she received a call from the (473) area code. She ignored it because she didn’t recognize the number. We finished our conversation and hung up. Then my daughter’s picture showed up on my phone again. I went to answer the call but the (473) number popped up right after her picture so I didn’t answer it. I’m so glad neither one of us answered or called the number back.

  • Julie

    My daughter got a call from 473-520-9733 yesterday but there was no one there when she answered. I called Tmobile and they assured me that I have not and won’t be billed for any random international calls. What a bunch of crooks these people are. Tmobile customer service is Great!!

  • Shayla J

    When i was at school today me and my friend were telling the class not to awnser or call back. If you get the call save and then block. Some the class mates did it and blocked so then they cant get the call. Even my teacher got the same call about a week ago.
    DONT AWNSER!!!!!!!!

  • Jorge

    I got a call yesterday from a 473 area code around 630 pm and I live in Jersey. Numbers I don’t recognize I tend to ignore and I’m happy I did.

  • Nora

    Thank you for this story! I am in Ohio and received the call around 3am. I receive a lot of international calls so I’m glad I stumbled upon your article before calling back!

  • Jake

    I received a call from my wife this morning at 8:00. Luckily I didn’t answer it, those conversations are so boring!

  • Kim Riendeau

    All the phone numbers on my account were called also and I am now being charged over $25 for calls that my son called back to see who it was and they only want to credit me half of the charges.

  • Greg M

    I got a call from 473-405-0176, I’m just wondering how someone from Grenada got my cellphone number, which I don’t just give out to anyone.

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