Cop talks distracted driving after new study indicates danger

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SALT LAKE CITY -- A study recently released by the New England Journal of Medicine indicates that distracted driving is especially dangerous for novice drivers.

The study examined the dangers involved with dialing or sending a message as well as simply reaching for the phone while behind the wheel. On Thursday, Sgt. Todd Royce of the Utah Highway Patrol came to the FOX 13 News studio to discuss the dangers of distracted driving. See the video above for his interview.

Click here for the study from the New England Journal of Medicine.

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  • Dave T

    Now this may seem like a crazy idea; though this post will make you think.
    We have a big problem with teens texting and driving. Thus results in many accidents that could be prevented with the following concept. There are also problems with too many passengers in a car driven by teens that has caused many accidents, as well.
    What if, a new roof top 4 sided sign could be placed on cars teen drivers are using? The front and back sides of this rooftop item may say, “Teen driver on board”, so other drivers behind can take notice. The sides facing left and right will have a special “license number” indicating the particular teen driving this vehicle. All teens must display these signs before driving any car.
    These signs could be folded and stored in small air tight containers for other times they are not driving. It could be placed in the glove compartment for storage. At times of use, convenient easy to install small hooks, would be part of this sign design.
    They would place certain cameras on roadways, sort of like those traffic lights cameras, that can take a picture of the driver doing risky behavior. These cameras would be placed in a downward fashion taking pictures of cars from the side view. Then if the driver is texting or having too many passengers, this camera will not only take the picture of that driver doing such thing. It will take the picture of the “license number” placed on the 4-sided roof top sign. They would use face recognition technologies to flag these cars. It would be be programmed to “recognize” the cell phones and the many passengers instead. Perhaps if teens realize this system will catch them, even if this system will take time to perfect. They may more likely not engage in such risky behavior. As it is every parents nightmare to get the news that their child got into a major accident; many may not hesitate to sign off on such a program. Not to mention it will keep our roads safe for other drivers, as well.
    Finally, there is of course this debate of government becoming too intrusive in the name of security is not an American way. This post is not to recommend this concept outright be required. It is only here to make you think. The final system above may evolve by others reading and adding to this concept until the final product does not go beyond the “American way.” Yet it saves many lives in the process. Then we all win in ways mentioned above. Should this type or other system be debated in the Utah’s legislation this year when they meet? Perhaps they should.

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