2 Salt Lake Co. residents die from influenza

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Two Salt Lake County residents have died from influenza, according to the Salt Lake County Health Department.

Officials said the deaths occurred in adults between the ages of 35 and 64, and they are the first confirmed flu-related deaths of the 2013-14 flu season in Utah.

“These deaths serve as a tragic reminder to all of us that influenza can be a serious disease for anyone,” Dr. Ilene Risk, County Epidemiologist, said in a press release. “I can’t stress strongly enough that everyone over the age of six months old should get a flu shot every year to prevent illness and to avoid passing the virus to others.”

According to the Salt Lake County Health Department, 150 people have been hospitalized in Salt Lake County due to the flu-- the vast majority of those caused by the H1N1 virus.

Officials said flu shots are still available at the Salt Lake County Health Department Public Health Centers. If you would like to make an appointment, call (385) 468-4152.


      • Eric Anderson

        My family has no choice but to be vaccinated, since any one bringing home flu would almost certainly kill my disabled son. Five people, flu shots every year for 15 years. No adverse side effects other than very mild “flu-like symptoms” for a day or so, rarely, and NO FLU .

        But I suppose the gubmint has injected us with enough mind-control devices that we’ll all vote for NWO candidates……..

  • Ian

    So, if there are 2 that have died, and their ages were between 35 and 64; safe to assume one was 35 and the other 64 years old?

  • tom rentz

    Get the shot…! We had a friend in WA state that died of h1n1 last year. Age 28, excellent prior health. Left young widow and 2 small children :::(((

  • TNielsen

    The flu shot DOES NOT give anyone the flu. I don’t know why people ignorantly assume that year after year. It would be like getting the MMR shot and then saying right after you came down with Measles! You don’t see any vaccinated kids running around with polio or measles, or whooping cough – do you? If you happen to get sick after receiving the flu shot, you were going to get sick anyway – it is totally unrelated. There are no ‘live’ viruses in the flu shot to make anyone sick. The flu shot is a very good way to prevent certain strains of flu and if it can save a life or even just unecessary discomfort, loss of work, and plain old suffering, then why not get it?

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