1-year-old dies due to child abuse, officials say

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SALT LAKE CITY – A one-year-old boy is dead, and police said he was the victim of severe child abuse.

Xander Toliver turned one while he was on life support at Primary Children’s Hospital. He was taken off life support Thursday just after 5:30 p.m.

It’s still unclear what exactly happened to the child, but police and family members said the mother’s boyfriend is to blame. Cops said the baby boy suffered “major head trauma” Monday at the hands of 24-year-old Brian Taylor, who lived with the boy and his mother in the basement of a Salt Lake City home.

The child’s great-grandmother talked to FOX 13 News the day of the incident.

“We heard screaming downstairs,” Carolyn Crawford said. “That’s where they slept and ran down there, and first thing I saw him laying on the floor. I thought he was dead then, but they were doing compressions on the chest and he started breathing.”

She said Brian Taylor performed CPR on Xander, who was unconscious and someone called 911. Paramedics took the boy to Primary Children’s Hospital, and doctors called police Monday afternoon.  Family members suspect Xander suffered from shaken baby syndrome, but they aren’t sure and want answers. They’re heartbroken.

“He was so darling, he was getting lots of cute expressions,” Crawford said. “He was just beginning to wave bye-bye. I’m just thinking it’s all so useless.  Why take a darling baby that didn’t harm anybody and destroy him?  And that’s what he’s done.”

Xander’s great aunt talked with FOX 13 News Thursday night and was in tears.  She said there was nothing traumatic that preceded the incident, and she didn’t feel comfortable talking about the details of what happened but wants Brian Taylor held accountable.

He’s currently in the Salt Lake County Jail on suspicion of child abuse, but Salt Lake City police tweeted Thursday night that Taylor’s charges will likely be enhanced.


  • MJ Brewer

    Guess this guy will be under surveillance for six months, eh? That’s about the price government places on children anymore in society unless they are considered viable assets.

    • Bill

      I know the law doesn’t always work in the innocent’s favor, but in all reality I think he’ll do more than just six month’s. who know’s maybe this is his wake up call, he is young and God know’s we all make mistakes. I am not defending him at any cost but where the state and government fail, Our Lord and Savior will have the last word and no one will escape his judgments….Bill.

  • Brandon P

    so sad! i have no remorse for the people that commit crimes against children! That poor child never had a chance!! God Bless this family! And my xander r.i.p!

  • Marie Lupo

    Life in prison would be too good for this low life. The little angel Xander was taken away much too soon. Bless this family during this horrible time.

  • Mick14513

    That *Special* place in Hell reserved for child murderers – one more on the way…….hopefully sooner than later.
    May Heaven bless you and your family, dear child. My heart and soul weep for you and the many before you.
    From a loving Dad of a 15 yr. young son.

  • Heidi

    Kaysville and SLC (810 S. State Street) Taco Times are doing fundraisers for Xander’s family to help with medical expenses. Kaysville’s fundraiser is Monday, January 6th from 5-8 pm. SLC’s is Wednesday, January 8th from 5-8pm. Please come help support this family!

  • JoAnna Ashley

    I’m curious if the the little guy just recently had immunizations. They are proving that many “shaken baby syndrome” cases are actually being caused by the immunizations effects on the brain. They’ve been able to start freeing a lot of innocent husbands and fathers who have been falsely imprisoned. I did not read any where in the article where they said someone saw that he abused the child, and he may very well have. However, it would be interesting to know if he did indeed have his shots very recently.

    My deepest condolences and love to the family. It must be devastating for all involved.

    • Annoymous

      My husband is a radiologist. He read another case today where a baby is brain dead because of this exact thing. Immunizations do not cause a babies blood vessels in the head to rupture and the specific pattern to repeat itself in these cases. He was being abused. We need to create awareness for this horrible tragedy. This needs to stop! Babies are innocent and cannot protect themselves. They count on the adults around them to protect them.

  • Misha

    Why are we only pinpointing the boyfriend? The mother should be held for suspicion as well. It all sounds fishy to me. That poor sweet baby boy. What was done to the baby, should be done to the mother and boyfriend. I wish we lived in a country where actual justice could be served. Rest in paradise baby Xander.

    • Eric Anderson

      The mother wasn’t present. But she’s certainly responsible: SHE HAD A SHACK-UP!

      Shack-ups kill children. Like most male animals, they are a danger to the offspring of other males.

      WISE UP, ladies! Learn what female RATS already know.

    • anonymous

      How could you even think that? Your just as sick as he is. People like you judging making accusations without knowing fact make me sick!

      • Misha

        So then anonymous, do you defend the accused? Because that would make you the sick one, not me. Severe head trauma, and you must think what? It was an accident? It’s ignorant people like you anonymous that make me sick. There were facts stated, and I merely stayed an opinion.

  • Nancy

    The little boys moms boyfriend probably did this cause he was jealous he wasn’t getting the same attention the little boy was getting!! Your sick for killing this innocent little Blessings! You don’t deserve prison, you deserve Hell.

  • marie

    Does this article have details that I missed? It was a very small story with no details. I’m sure there’s more to this story. Innocent until proven guilty.

  • Susan

    Anyone that hurts a child should be castrated or have there uterus ripped out.They should never be around children again. They are inisent we are here to watch over them and keep them safe. A child should never die by the hands the are supposed to care fore them!!!!!!!!!

  • Bridgette

    Where was the mother of the child during this incident? Maybe the child’s mother new her boyfriend was abusive, but never said anything cause she was scared he might leave her. There are things like that that are going on now a days! Maybe her boyfriend threaded her! Hmm this sounds really fishy! I would check the mother as well.

  • kalasie

    I know the people involved. I was horrified at the news, as we all are. The bf has taken responsibility, and is naturally suicidal. The baby began to cry uncontrollably. Much can happen in mere seconds. It’s a reminder to us all, that anything can happen in just a split-second. Rather than try somebody publicly whom you don’t know at all, it’s better to let all the facts come out, before making a decision about something, even when someone has confessed. This stands true for anything that happens, when you don’t have all the facts. It’s the grown-up thing to do.

    I agree with people it is not for us to judge, because we were not there; and I definitely do not defend any form of abuse. I have personally seen far too much of it in my growing-up years. No child should live in fear of abuse of any kind. Children are fragile; not just their bodies, but their hearts, minds, and souls are as well. It’s a reminder to handle all parts with care. There’s more than one way to cause harm to a child, so check yourself and your words and actions as well.

    All I can say is that our energy should be focused on comforting the family, because that is all that can be done now. No one has the right to judge why someone was living in someone else’s house, especially in this economy, but regardless of any economy, it’s not for us to judge. Once again the facts there are not publicly known, nor should they be. A mother is without her precious son. Her arms are empty. Xander truly was an adorable little soul, and his loss has left a huge, painful hole in his family’s life. One thing I do personally know for sure, Xander was very well loved. I send love and hugs to his mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, aunts, and uncles, all of whom adored him. This has torn them up terribly. May they find some way to ease the pain.

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