Poll: Hillary Clinton, Obama, most admired

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By CNN Political Unit

(CNN) — Talk about a streak.

Hillary Clinton is the most admired woman among Americans for the 12th-straight year, according to a national poll released Monday by Gallup.

And for the sixth straight year, the survey indicates President Barack Obama ranks as the most admired man.

Each year in an open-ended format, Gallup asks Americans to name the man and woman living anywhere in the world they admire most.

Clinton, the former Secretary of State, Senator from New York, 2008 Democratic presidential candidate, and former first lady, has topped the Gallup survey 18 times, the most in its history.

She captured 15% support this year, down from 21% last year.

Oprah Winfrey was second at 6%, followed by first lady Michelle Obama and 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, each at 5%.

Obama has topped the list as the most admired man each year since his victory in the 2008 presidential election.

But as his approval ratings as President have dropped this year, so has his rating in the Gallup survey. He received 16% support this year, down from 30% in 2012.

Former President George W. Bush and Pope Francis were tied for second place, each at 4%. Former President Bill Clinton and the Rev. Billy Graham were each at 2%.

“Graham has appeared in the top 10 list far more often than any other man, making his 57th appearance this year. He has never finished first, a spot typically taken by the sitting President,” Gallup said in a statement.

The Gallup poll was conducted December 5-8, with 1,031 adults nationwide questioned by telephone. The survey’s overall sampling error is plus or minus 4 percentage points.

CNN’s Paul Steinhauser contributed to this report.

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  • Stephanie

    What a pack of lies! Just another attempt by those in DC to sway our point of view. More likely, they are the most untrusted and hated! Who do they poll for these?

  • JohnBoy

    hummm….this poll must have been taken at some sort of Democratic Party gathering. It certainly wasn’t conducted with the average joe on the street. That’s for sure!

  • Eric Anderson

    You can’t help but admire a guy who is such a dismal failure and yet still gets to take billion dollar vacations at the taxpayer’s expense. As scam artists go he is one of the all-time greats.

  • Backof Thebusnj

    A new poll says the majority of all Americans now have buyers remorse with Barry and Mooshell why ? Did you really expect the unemployment or healthcare picture to get any better after the naive low IQ Obozo drones of this country re-elected the kenyan a pathetic community organizer at best who had everything handed to him thru affirmative action and never worked a real job a day in his life?

    There is 4 trillion dollars of investment grade money outside of the US waiting to come back to America to put Americans back to work once this commie is out office and that’s a fact that is well known in the business community.

    For those of you who did not vote for the George Soros stooge my sympathies but for those of you who did try writing yourself anointed messiah and his progressive liberals and ask them where are the jobs at we are sure Obozo is thinking about you useful idiots while he plays his 300 plus game of golf huh ? According to Nancy Pelosi unemployment benefits are a job to, basically with her it’s the dumb leading the dumber !

    Lets be honest and deal in FACTS and look at the George Soros Stooge known as Obozo and the proggresive liberal Democrapz failed record of green energy bankrupt companies with your tax dollars below, wow extortion for the libtardz FAT-CATS donors with YOUR MONEY ! Ya still think those tax payer PARASITES can create jobs ? If you still think they can then you need to find the nearest toilet insert your heads in then flush away.

    1. Evergreen Solar ($25 million)*
    2. SpectraWatt ($500,000)*
    3. Solyndra ($535 million)*
    4. Beacon Power ($43 million)*
    5. Nevada Geothermal ($98.5 million)
    6. SunPower ($1.2 billion)
    7. First Solar ($1.46 billion)
    8. Babcock and Brown ($178 million)
    9. EnerDel’s subsidiary Ener1 ($118.5 million)*
    10. Amonix ($5.9 million)
    11. Fisker Automotive ($529 million)
    12. Abound Solar ($400 million)*
    13. A123 Systems ($279 million)*
    14. Willard and Kelsey Solar Group ($700,981)*
    15. Johnson Controls ($299 million)
    16. Brightsource ($1.6 billion)
    17. ECOtality ($126.2 million)
    18. Raser Technologies ($33 million)*
    19. Energy Conversion Devices ($13.3 million)*
    20. Mountain Plaza, Inc. ($2 million)*
    21. Olsen’s Crop Service and Olsen’s Mills Acquisition Company ($10 million)*
    22. Range Fuels ($80 million)*
    23. Thompson River Power ($6.5 million)*
    24. Stirling Energy Systems ($7 million)*
    25. Azure Dynamics ($5.4 million)*
    26. GreenVolts ($500,000)
    27. Vestas ($50 million)
    28. LG Chem’s subsidiary Compact Power ($151 million)
    29. Nordic Windpower ($16 million)*
    30. Navistar ($39 million)
    31. Satcon ($3 million)*
    32. Konarka Technologies Inc. ($20 million)*
    33. Mascoma Corp. ($100 million)

    FACT you voted democrapz in and got is shoved right up your you know whats , listen to the useful idiotz in the leftwing media and vote Democrapz and stay unemployed its just that simple huh ?

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