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Man charged with child abuse after boy sent to hospital with serious injuries

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SALT LAKE CITY –Salt Lake City Police have arrested a 24-year-old man in connection with an injured 1-year-old child sent to an area hospital with major head trauma Monday afternoon.

The child was left alone with his mother’s live-in boyfriend Brian Taylor, for a short period of time, according to a probable cause statement.

Family of Xander Toliver said they were shocked to learn Taylor was accused of harming him. According to them, Taylor was living in the basement of the home, and they had never experienced issues with him in the past.

“I’m just thinking it was all so useless. Why take a darling baby that didn’t know anybody and want to destroy him?” asked Carolyn Crawford, Xander’s great-grandmother.

At approximately 2 p.m., Salt Lake City Fire responded to their house at 2393 S. 800 East on a 911 call.  Xander was taken to Primary Children’s Medical Center in serious condition, where hospital staff discovered he was suffering from serious head trauma. They contacted authorities out of concern for the child’s well-being.

“The boyfriend was left with the child. The child was in good condition when the child was left with him, and when they came home, he was found in the condition he was transported to the hospital in,” said Sgt. Robin Heiden with Salt Lake City Police.

Police obtained a search warrant for the property by Monday evening. Following interviews with family members, authorities said they were able to conclude Taylor was responsible for Xander’s injuries.

“They’ve got to be really upset about this,” said Heiden. “Just barely one and he’s in serious condition.”

The child is currently on life support is not expected to survive.

Taylor has been charged with a second-degree felony child abuse.


  • Cody Toliver

    First off I’ve been trying to see my son. just very hard to do when her and everyone pushes me away.. While he was in her care look what happened he is Latin in his death bed she must of not cared or lived for him as u say.. and who are u if u feel u need to get something off your chest come see me

  • Jennifer Smart

    seriously people? what is wrong with you! Take this convo private. Who cares what happened in the past! This is about this little boy NOW. Drop what you all have between you and think of this child. Come together NOW instead of fight. This is not what he needs. he needs the love of his family.

  • Anonymous

    We all need to pray for this special little boy. The doctors report said that this little one had a broken shoulder for 10 days prior to this terrible incidence. Someone hurt him not just once. This situation needs to be investigated. It’s sad that people hurt the innocent that do not have their own voice. Someone needs to be his voice.

    • DEBI

      The doctors report said that this little one had a broken shoulder for 10 days prior to this terrible incidence. Someone hurt him not just once. .. HOW WOULD YOU KNOW THIS.. IF THE DOCTOR LET THIS OUT HE CAN BE ARRESTED FOR IT

  • Eric Anderson

    Your shack-up WILL hurt your babies. Human females are the only mothers ignorant enough not to recognize the danger posed to their offspring by males who are not the biological fathers.

  • Ashleigh

    This is for everyone on here playing the blaming game while my little nephew lye dying you all you want to do is point fingers, A mothers love is unconditional yes sometimes maybe blind to things around them. I have done nothing but pray for Xander since I found out. There is no dought in my mind that Kaela loves her son no dought in my mind that Cody loves his son too they were not meant to be together and raise him together time changes and people change mistakes were made. Our entire family and community of friends that make our family are hurt and our heads are hung with the grief and our hearts are weighing heavy while in this new year we are going to have to say good bye to this precious baby boy who with out a dought if you ever saw him smile or even came across a picture touched your heart. I love you Kaela and Xander.

    Xander your angels are not far away while they hold your precious little hands and guide you to heaven know that those of us left behind will never ever forget you, and with each second of each day that passes by for every snow flake and rain drop, and leaf that will fall will remind those of us how precious time is and how we should stop and watch because your never know what might happen next. Watch over your Mommy and even your Daddy and guide them in your passing for today this new year brings lots of tears. I kissed you goodbye today, but this is not the end we will one day meet again and ill hold you and tell you stories of how life should have been my angels are with you as well so you wont every be lonely and have a friend, I love you sweet angel rest your little head.

  • ****

    If it is true that he had other injuries for days, I’ll bet they investigate the mother as well, as she should have noticed those injuries and tended to him days earlier. It’s sad how many innocent babies fall victim to one of their parents boyfriends or girlfriends. If anyone hurt my children they way this man did, I would have killed that person myself, I don’t care if I was dating him, he was a friend, or even a family member. People need to start caring more about their children then their SO, plain and simple. Your child should and always be your number one priority. I’m sorry if this offends people, but I’m not sorry for what I say as it is my own opinion, and I have the right to have it.

  • Ginny

    Our prayers and thoughts are with the family. I was told babies are angels. Xander will be his mother’s little guardian angel.

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