DEQ issues mandatory action day Monday

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SALT LAKE CITY -- The Utah Department of Environmental Quality issued a mandatory action day Monday.

According to the DEQ, today's air is unhealthy for sensitive groups. They said elderly people and people with existing heart or lung disease should stay inside and reduce physical activity.

The mandatory action day means citizens cannot use wood burning stoves unless it's their only source of heat. The DEQ also advises residents to drive less and use public transportation.

To check today's air quality forecast, click here.


  • Sheri Christensen

    The thing that bothers me, as I listened to the news the other night, is that they want you to turn in your neighbor…sounds like communism to me….I don’t know what the answer is…but…

  • Goto Zero

    It’s really about time this undemocratic, energy/ fuel sponsored – state indoctrinated enviro-lobby manipulated, fuel switching regulation was stopped by consumers/ citizens. From a war on coal, to a perpetual circulation of industry penalties/ sponsorship into unlikely profitable green-branded investment schemes, and spin-doctored curriculums. Good bye EPA/ natural gas, nuclear and electricity (“Clean Energy”) expansionist corruption. The era of EPA overreach, promoting increases in energy poverty and ill health must be wound back to before this energy corruption began – prior to the Clean Air Act amendments of the 1990s, prior to Maurice Strong’s wolf in sheep’s clothing anti industry – shock economic environment – ‘energy policy’ campaign.

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