Video: Downed power lines erupt in sparks

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SOUTH SALT LAKE – A FOX 13 News viewer submitted this footage of downed power lines spewing sparks and smoke Sunday.

The video was submitted by Jose Ramos, who said the footage was shot near 3300 South and 500 East.

Capt. Shane Conrad of the South Salt Lake Fire Department said they received reports of the downed power lines at about 8:45 p.m.

Conrad said police responded immediately. There were no damages to structures or vehicles, and no injuries were reported.

According to Rocky Mountain Power’s website, about 570 customers in zip code 84115 were without power Sunday, but power was restored overnight.


  • Julie

    My daughter & I witnessed it from the Park across the street & called 911. It was like several fireballs traveling up & down the power lines before falling to the ground in 4-6 separate fires. It continued to sizzle and 2 separate power lines dropped one directly across from the Park on 500 East with no fire, the other on the SE corner of 3065 South. I have never seen anything like it! A man told me that he was driving up 700 east & saw a flash of light so he came down…as did many others!

  • Dan Foster

    That’s my house on the left. The electricity arced into the house through the water line and melted the solder on the water pipes, as well as destroying everything that was plugged in. We’ve suffered extensive electrical and plumbing damages. Rocky Mountain Power has said that they’ll pay for all of it. They’ve even put us up in a hotel for free until it’s all fixed. Happy Holidays and God bless.

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