Report: Teen’s apparent shark encounter caught on camera

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In the video above, FOX 13 News sister station KTLA 5 reports on images that appear to show swimmers at Manhattan Beach having a close encounter with what is believed to be a juvenile great white shark.

KTLA 5 reports that one of their viewers, June Emerson, saw the striking image as she was reviewing photos from a trip to the beach near Los Angeles Friday. In the image, Emerson’s 12-year-old son, Quinn, and a friend can be seen with their surfboards near what looks like a large shark.

“It was quite a shock to see,” June Emerson told KTLA 5.

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  • Not a pansy news reporter

    Or they are trying to escape the nuclear waste from the Fukashima nuclear plant in Japan! Which the public knows very little about because stupid media outlets like this one refuse to report the frightening truth about how it is destroying our oceans wild life and has already reached the California shoreline! I wouldn’t be letting my kids play in the ocean with this knowledge!

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