Thousands attend ‘Restore Our Humanity’ rally to support same-sex marriage

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SALT LAKE CITY -- A joyous crowd gathered outside of Salt Lake's City and County Building Monday evening.

After an organizer promised a "surprise" to the gathering crowd at 6pm, The Hardy Brother's Band played as more people arrived and found their places.

The "surprise" was a marriage. The quick exchange of vows for Clyde Peck and Stan Trujillo ended with an eruption of cheers as they were pronounced "husband and husband".

In the crowd were also two men who intend to marry, but haven't yet.

Derek Kitchen and Moudi Sbeity are one of the three couples named in the case which challenged Utah's Third Amendment.

Hundreds of same sex couples have wed since last Friday after a federal judge declared the amendment "unconstitutional".

Kitchen and Sbeity say they'll wait to wed. Their hope is that the case they started might ultimately be heard and settled - in their favor - by the Supreme Court of the United States. Such a ruling could impact same sex marriage in all 50 states.

During the rally, Cliff Rosky of Equality Utah announced his organization and the Utah Pride Center are joining the court case, which currently sits with the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver.

The rally was organized by Mark Lawrence. He asked the crowd to donate money via to be used for legal costs associated with the case.


  • debbie gansereit

    i notice the sign said all need love it trues but this didnt mean you have to be gays or lesians it about who you are and forgiveness familey best friend sister or brothers or even cosuin uncle aunts nephew or neice
    i had best friend are lesbians but dont bother me at all if tell them that oerson are straight mean with man i,m sure 100% lesbian and gays understand that
    please to understanding meaning of gays or lesbians want to become like this but not hate because of this it is time to move on and be friends
    with them that all need do

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