Photos: Hundreds of same-sex couples line up to get marriage license in SLC

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    • Paul

      That would be pretty stupid seeing as how the reason the government is involved in marriage, at all is to maintain family law as it mainly pertains to property and custody rights, in addition to 1136 other statutory provisions.

  • Anne Alisa

    i am happy for these couples but i am so against this because i believe in a traditional marriage union between a man and woman only. It is a great example for their children in our society. It is the right and proper way.

  • Patricia

    It has been 15 years together waiting for our own state to recognize that we own a home, pay taxes, help our community, volunteer, raise our children, and are just like our neighbors. People talk about how it isnt a good example for our children but the example they had with there “normal” parents was nothing more than drugs, violence, and abandonment. They see none of that in our home, only love and acceptance and teaching. If you met me on the street, you would have no idea who i am or who i sleep with.You would only see a normal person going about my business. Why should i have less rights than anyone else? I watch the “normal people” down the street who fight at midnight and their small children run wild at the same time. i watch them scream and hit their children and i am supposed to be a bad example. My children are polite and respectful and i have no need to yell and scream at them or to lay a hand on them either. Yet, I am the bad influence. There are 11 children in my family and my relationship has lasted far longer than any of theirs. My relationship is as solid now as my grandparents was on their 50th wedding anniversary. We only want to be recognized in the state that we have made our home. We want our children to love Utah as we do and to hopefully make their lives and families a part of Utah as well.

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