Gov. Herbert issues letter advising county clerks on same-sex marriages in Utah

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Utah Gov. Gary Herbert wrote a letter and sent it out to county clerks across Utah Saturday, as many of them stated Friday they were awaiting instruction from state officials about how to proceed after a federal judge struck down Utah's ban on same-sex marriage.

In the letter, Herbert said state officials are working to appeal the decision and secure a stay on same-sex marriage. Click here for more information regarding the state's opposition to the ruling and the statements released Saturday by the governor and the acting Utah attorney general.

FOX 13 News' Todd Tanner spoke to several legal experts Saturday about what happens next in the legal process regarding same-sex marriages in Utah. See the video above for their thoughts on the state's efforts to appeal and obtain a motion to stay.

Poll: Should same-sex marriages continue in Utah?

The letter to county clerks in its entirety is below. It is also available as a PDF: Letter to County Clerks Dec 21 2013

Herbert's letter to county clerks


  • Bart Cameron

    Gary Herbert said Utahns Deserve a fair and this includes Gays and Lesbians . Weather he realizes it or nor we are Utahns as well. I used to think qbert was okay but he is worse than most that can’t accept the fact that Gays and Lesbians are just the same as any one else. Qbert should no longer be our Governor. Just my opinion

  • Undestractedutahn

    Maybe we should be the first state to do away with the term “marriage” and allow all people the right to an assigned beneficiary. Quit trying to force people to believe what you believe and learn to be truly tolerant.

  • Peter Bob Clampett

    Herbie belongs in prison for taking a bribe of $83,000 from Wadsworth Construction in return for a rigged bidding process to secure the ;largest road construction job in state history-a $2.2 billion job.

  • John Counsell

    Multiple wives (some 14 years olds) are totally acceptable, ya know 1 perverse man, several women or children as defined by Joseph Smith. Those consenting adults in love, you know, (those gays) are an abomination to god. Seems logical.

  • Loving v. Virginia

    I applaud Governor Herbert for supporting Utah values. Traditional Marriage Today! Traditional Marriage Tomorrow!
    Just like another great leader and former Governor of Alabama George Wallace, in supporting traditional values said “Segregation Today! Segregation Tomorrow!” The only thing Governor Herbert must do now, is call in the national guard to help defend his “traditional marriage.”

  • Kent D. Madsen

    I voted for Herbert, and I am NOT a republican but believed he truly tries to do his best for this state. However, with this recent ruling I feel like he has not only defied the courts but with this letter is letting the counties with concerns kinda hang themselves by giving no real direction and just passing the buck. IT IS THE LAW currently, deal with it.

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