All lanes open after truck crash on I-215 North

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NORTH SALT LAKE, Utah — A semitrailer rolled on its side Friday morning, forcing Utah Highway Patrol troopers to close eastbound I-215 near the I-15 north interchange.

The crash occurred shortly before 5 a.m.

Both lanes of travel were temporarily closed, but one lane was opened just before 6 a.m.

The second lane opened at about 8:30.


  • Dave T

    Can they place solar powered digital signs just before off ramps where ice regularly forms on bridges and roadways ahead? These problem roads and bridges would be equipped with web cams and sensors so as soon as ice is forming, these digital highway signs would update drivers of the danger up ahead.
    Detours would be set up to point the traffic around these barriers, like ice and even accidents. They would set up the traffic lights to mostly green so this new traffic can go through this detour much faster. At the same time this traffic is being detoured, the snow removal trucks could apply salt much faster without cars in the way.
    They ought to have digital speed limit signs all throughout the highway system, especially at places where these roads, bridges and off ramps normally ices over. Then if the sensors show ice is beginning to form, normally bridges, then they would lower the speed limit remotely on these digital speed limit signs.

    • Chris W

      Dave I have lived in utah all my life i have seen accidents happen i have been in a few myself i also know when its rainy or snowy its common cents to slow down i dont need a sign to tell me its icy outside i can see the snow on the side of the road as well as when i chip my windows off in the mornings it all comes down to people driving to fast no more money wasted on signs and solar things just slow down plan your day a little longer knowing its icy outside and you probly will slide sometime

      • Dave T

        Chris, now I do not know what age group you in; however, certain age groups get into accidents more than others. According to the Rocky Mountain Insurance information Association
        • Teen drivers had crash rates 3 times those of drivers 20 and older
        in 2011.
        . Eighty percent of teenage motor vehicle crash deaths in 2011
        were passenger vehicle occupants.
        • Fifty-three percent of motor vehicle crash deaths among teenagers in 2011 occurred on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
        • Teenage motor vehicle crash deaths in 2011 occurred most frequently from 9 p.m. to midnight (16 percent) and midnight to 3 a.m. (16 percent).
        Thus having these highway features may help the younger drivers stay safe.

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