Video: Bobcat captured in Utah backyard

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FOX 13 News viewer Austin Westmoreland submitted this video of a bobcat being captured in a backyard in Provo, and the cat is clearly not pleased to be restrained.  Officials said the cat was captured and released into the wild earlier this week.


  • Sandy

    That was just cruel to keep him that while they took picture. I agree this guys needs to be fired. This was so wrong in so many ways.

  • Darin

    Great job in catching the cat without anyone getting hurt, including the cat. The cat is not injured in anyway and was released into the wild. Why would you want anyone fired? It is the Christmas season and everyone went home to be with their families.

  • Stephanie Maxfield

    I agree, congrats on catching him and everything turning out ok, bt to fire him?? Wow I’m just shocked!! Yes there shouldn’t have been kids around but come on fire him?? I’m sure he has a wife and kids to support at home. How would you like to lose your job just before Christmas because you made a bad call?? Actually the parents probably let the kid out of the house and he couldn’t do too much because he was holding the cat. Oh well to each his own but I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!!

  • Eric Anderson

    Of COURSE the kids should be watching. When else will they see a bobcat up close? A mountain lion would be a different matter, but a bobcat? Come on, people. Get out of the suburbs once in a while.

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