Will you be wearing pants to church on Sunday?

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Kelly Chapman talks with Jami Baayd who will be participating "wear pants to church day," and Edward Jones, a Mormon feminist to talk about the movement.

For more information on the event visit http://pantstochurch.com/.



  • Eric Anderson

    This would be a lot more meaningful if the Church hadn’t already said, repeatedly, that there is no rule against women wearing pants in church.

    You’re tilting against windmills, ladies. Find a REAL issue. I mean…..come on. With all that’s wrong in the world this is what you come up with? Are your lives really this sheltered?

    What’s your next big cause? Mismarked items at The Gap?

    • DUO4Peace

      “Come on Rosa Parks, you can sit at the front of the bus if there’s no white folks there yet, so why do you have to put up a fuss when we ask you to move to the back where you belong! And what does sitting on a bus have to do with equality anyway? Don’t you have better things to fix in your life?”
      (yeah Eric, that’s what you sound like)

      • Helen Keller

        Hahahaha!!! Oh man. That was the best comparison ever. I mean, Rosa Parks didn’t decide to be black and segregated, but women are choosing to wear pants or not. Well done.

        I’ve met plenty of women who show up to an LDS service in pants (long before this “movement”) and they were never shamed or asked to go change.

        These feminists need to get their panties…errr.…pants out of a wad.

      • Ryan

        Helen Keller: “These feminists need to get their panties…errr….pants out of a wad.”

        If you visit pantstochurch.com, you’ll see that Wear Pants to Church Day is relevant not only at the most pedantic level of women feeling marginalized because they don’t conform to a traditional Mormon wardrobe, but also because cultures that promote talk of “panties” in “a wad” perpetuate a dismissal of the authentic concerns of already marginalized community members.

        I support Wear Pants to Church Day because I believe in building communities that provide emotional safety for individuals who feel an authentic need to express themselves in ways that do not conform completely with their community’s traditional narratives. The second annual Wear Pants to Church Day will be the best celebration of the gospel of love that the LDS Church has seen since Dieter F. Uchtdorf’s recent general conference talk, “Come, Join with Us.” On top of that, it is community-driven, demonstrating that participants in this celebration have accepted the gospel of love. I think that Wear Pants to Church Day is a wonderful project in giving expression to the most important Christian sentiments in the Mormon community.

  • ECP

    While the church itself says there’s nothing wrong with it, the reality is that women are still regularly insulted, denigrated, shamed, and shunned for doing so. This is not a protest against the LDS church–it is a protest against heteronormative misogyny still rampant among Mormons in many communities.

  • joanna

    this is just stupid. if someone wants to wear pants to church, wear pants..i’ve been LDS all my life and never seen anyone “shamed” for wearing pants to church. the problem is that these people don’t just want to wear pants to church…they want all LDS women to. well, what if i don’t want to wear pants to church? dress how you want and i will dress how i want

    • Naomi

      Could be my words! I like to dress up in a skirt/dress on Sunday, but at the same time do not care what other people wear. I am just happy they come!

    • Zara

      Wow, joanna. They don’t want all LDS women to wear pants. They want to be able to wear pants without judgment, since it’s not doctrinal. Good for you if you’ve never seen anyone shamed for wearing pants, but your experience isn’t the experience of everyone in the world. Often the only people wearing pants in any given ward are new converts, investigators, and poorer women. The Wear Pants to Church movement is about being inclusive, and not making people feel uncomfortable when they don’t conform to Mormon norms. You can wear a skirt–just doing look askance at someone who isn’t wearing one. That’s the message.

  • Battlemaiden

    When I was a teen LDS girl, they wouldn’t let me in the chapel with pants on, they asked me to go home and change or leave. I would wear pants under my long skirt and take the skirt off after I came out of the chapel. I am now an evangelical Christian and wear pants to most services at Life Church, sometimes I wear a skirt or dress. God is looking at the heart, not what you wear.

  • Jo Mama

    Forget “Wear Pants to Church Day.” How about you ladies wear pants EVERY Sunday you feel like wearing them?

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