Michael Jordan’s ‘Flu Game’ shoes sell for $104,765

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The shoes Michael Jordan wore in what’s now known as the “Flu Game” sold for $104,765 Thursday morning, according to ESPN.

According to an ESPN article, it’s reported that the price shatters the record price paid for a pair of game-worn shoes in any sport.

The shoes were worn by Jordan as the Chicago Bulls battled the Utah Jazz during game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals. Jordan managed to score 38 points in that game despite being sick.

The shoes were consigned by former Jazz ballboy Preston Truman. ESPN reports that the identity of the buyer was not immediately made public.

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  • Louise Pledge

    Several players in the Jazz organization were very ill with the flu during that game, also, but Jerry Sloan would not allow them to talk about it. I wish they had, though, as so much fuss was made about Michael playing while sick.

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