Sandy Hook victim’s mom talks about why she made video: ‘Evil did not win’

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Emilie Parker was one of 20 students and six teachers shot and killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School last December in Newtown, Conn. She was 6 years old.

Emilie was born in Utah. Her family moved to Connecticut for a job opportunity. Her memorial service and burial took place in Ogden.

Her mother Alissa recently worked with Shadow Mountain Productions to create a video titled "Sandy Hook: Evil Did Not Win."

The moving four-minute piece includes video of Emilie playing at home and highlights her personality.

The video also touches on tragedy, as Alissa describes receiving a box from police, containing the clothes Emilie was wearing the day of the shooting.

In a telephone interview from her home, Alissa Parker told Fox 13 News, "In order to understand how high you've gone, you have to know how low you've been."

The video also credits faith, prayers and the kindness of strangers for helping the Parker's through the tragedy.

The video also mentions how the money collected in The Emilie Parker Fund has benefited others.

Several fundraisers took place in Utah including a silent auction at Ben Lomond High School, where Emilie's parents went to school, and an event where baseball players donned pink shirts as the Ogden Raptors honored her memory.

Alissa Parker said she hopes others will find inspiration and meaning in Emilie's story, adding "When I watch it, I feel close to her. I can feel her presence."


  • Jennie

    Mr. Conspiracy wake up from your dream world. You are so disrespectful to both the family and the victims of this horrific tragedy. Those “facts” you speak of are nothing more than fantasy ideas a person like you put together in their own demented head. SISTERS,BROTHERS,MOTHERS,WIVES DIED, and you have nerve to say this never happened. This could have happened to anyone of us!!! You should thank god everyday this didn’t happen to you and yours, because 26 other families don’t have the pleasure to going to bed at night without grieving this unthinkable loss and not feeling a void that will never go away. So you my friend should reflect and dig deep down inside and try to show just a little empathy and respect.

  • Jennie

    Are you serious? Do my research? Your watching a conspiracy video on you tube and telling me to do my research. Don’t believe everything I hear? Your ridiculous and should take you own advice. Anyways I just came to this to watch that beautiful video, not to argue with an NRA extremist. You can go back to your dream world now while I continue to live in reality.

    • Hoax

      I am not affiliated with NRA and I have no agenda nor do I even own a firearm. And if you think Youtube is research then I dont what to tell you.

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