Video: Hilarious compilation of dogs too terrified to pass cats

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In this hilarious video compilation, a series of terrified dogs try to work up the courage to pass cats.


    • Cheri Young Stuckey

      they aren’t meanies, they are just laying there. There are NO Cats ready to attack any of those dogs trying to pass them….its just because the dogs are avoiding that playful swat the Cats usually give anyone walking passed them…lol I used to have both Cats and Dogs for over 30 years until my Dogs passed away…and my Dogs did this too once in awhile and my Cats never attacked them or gave reason for my dogs to fear them. Its just how it is…..Cats will playfully swat at other Cats too just because its a Cat thing, its how they also play if you ever owned a cat……its not to be mean. Dogs don’t like it is why they back off …lol

  • Lani

    My Siamese swipe playfully and gently at me sometimes as I pass by. One of the cats, however, tries to ‘nail’ my dogs – and has succeeded a few times. Thinking he’s trying to set boundaries/dominance with them. It worked – they are super cautious when they spot that one cat and sometimes won’t go past. If you’ve ever been nailed by a cat you don’t forget about it!!

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