Record breaking Thanksgiving liquor sales

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SALT LAKE CITY — A lot of you were drinking on Thanksgiving, and the Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control has the data to prove it.

A DABC spokeswoman told FOX 13 that 306,000 bottles of liquor were sold in state liquor stores the day before Thanksgiving.

The day before a holiday typically results in a mad rush to stock up, as state-run liquor stores are closed on holidays.

The DABC made $2.8 million in liquor sales on Nov. 27, up from last year’s sales of $2.7 million.


  • Eric

    Does the state have any statistics on drunk driving for the period following? Usually, someone trumpets those numbers around when the state makes money on liquor so we forget that money was made for state coffers.

  • dapandico

    the US State Dpartment spent about $180,000 on alcohol in September and $400,000 in all of 2012 — that’s three times the $118,000 spent in 2008.

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