K9 officer’s takedown of suspected car thief caught on camera

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WEST JORDAN, Utah – Unified Police Department officers chased down and captured a suspect who allegedly stole a car Wednesday, and the dramatic takedown was caught on camera.

West Jordan resident Tim Tabor said it was a surprise to witness such an event.

“You know, you think of the cops show, ‘bad boys, bad boys’, they’re wrestling him down—only it’s odd to see it happen right on your front porch,” he said.

Joe Mcelhaney said the car was stolen from their driveway.

“My wife came out and started our Expedition, to warm it up and take our kids to school, and I came out to start my truck and saw the Expedition backing out of the driveway,” he said. “And it kind of took me a second to get my thoughts, hey how come my car is leaving?”

Mcelhaney jumped into his car and followed the suspect. Lt. Justin Hoyal of the Unified Police Department described the chase.

“The suspect hit the victim’s truck with his Expedition then veered off and hit a tree,” he said. “After the collision, the suspect got out on foot and began running through the neighborhoods, another citizen saw the suspect running and began following him and called police and gave us an indication to where he was and where he was going.”

Police tracked the suspect to the area of 6659 South 3095 West, the home of Tabor.

“I went upstairs to get dressed for the morning, and my wife came in to the bedroom and said, 'it’s just going down on our porch,'” he said.

The police arrived, and a K9 unit pulled the suspect down. The capture was caught on surveillance cameras, and the footage can be viewed in the video above.

“That’s when the K9 unit came into the frame and pulled him down, they wrestled him down on the porch and drug him off into the snow and arrested him,” Tabor said.

The suspected car thief, Justin McCaskill, was booked into the Salt Lake County Jail. He has a criminal record in Utah and California.


  • carli Simonsen

    So does anyone else think that they should have just arrested him not got the k9 involved? Well I do, you can clearly see he was kneeling down with his hands up but yet they still let the k9 attack him. Yes I am justins sister and I understand that he needed to be arrested but maybe just maybe they should have done only that not have the k9 bite and attack him. yes I am going to say something about this because that was un justified and unnecessary .

  • Jeong Yun

    So, does anyone think that Justin should not have rammed the victim who was just trying to get his stolen vehicle back? That is deadly force …much more serious than just stealing property. Justin’s reaction to getting caught by the owner put the VICTIM’S life in danger! Should the police then trust that Justin will be compliant once confronted with arrest? He fled in the stolen car. He attacked a person. Then, he fled on foot. See a pattern? Thank God for that police dog. It brought a safe resolution to this crime spree and made the situation much safer for the officer and for the residents in the area. If Justin had decided to try to out-run the officer or quickly jump a nearby fence, who else would have been in grave danger? A couple of puncture wounds caused by a highly trained K9 Team is a small price to pay to take all nefarious options away from a dangerous person. This K9 did not “attack”. It bit a dangerous person and held on allowing the officer to establish immediate control without causing seriousl injury. Job well done!!

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