Woman knocked down, trampled at Wal-Mart during Black Friday frenzy

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CLINTON, Utah -- Black Friday turned into black eye Friday at some stores, and a Wal-Mart employee in Clinton was trampled.

Brian Wilks and Jill Tooker said the crowd was well-behaved just before 8 o'clock Thursday night, but when employees cut into a cellophane pallet of electronic tablets, witnesses said shoppers became unglued in a rush for the discount item.

"Everybody out of the way, get out of the way," police screamed at the time.

Clinton police tried to control the mob of shoppers. Wilks said that seconds before they knocked over an off-duty Wal-Mart employee, "people were chanting: 'Open up the pallet, open it up.'"

Shoppers were eager for $49 tablets. Brian Wilk's girlfriend felt the tension increasing.

"Everybody in the front of the store could hear rumbling, screaming, everyone going crazy," Tooker said.

The footage from Clinton is similar to cell phone video from a Wal-Mart in Atlanta: When the cellophane pallet was cut, the rush was on. At the Clinton store, shoppers knocked that Wal-Mart employee to the floor.

"She was absolutely stepped on,” Tooker said. “The girl who was trying to help her up had shoe prints on her pants and shirt.”

"You could tell she had been smashed, ran over, something, it was bad,” Wilks said. “I felt so bad for her.”

The two are grateful the Wal-Mart employee wasn't seriously hurt but were sad to know similar stories have played out across the country. Shoppers have been arrested after fighting over TVs.

One man in Las Vegas was even shot in the leg by a passerby as the victim was walking on the street with a TV he bought.  He survived, but Wilks and Tooker said Black Friday took a dark turn they never expected.

"It was like people were doing it to get an item that isn't worth hurting people over,” Wilk said. “It seemed like people were maliciously trying to hurt people to get to the front of the line.”

"They didn't care,” Tooker said. “I don't get it. We don't care that much about stuff."

No one has reportedly been killed this year in Black Friday brawls, but since this has happened so much there is a website that tracks deaths and injuries on Black Friday over the years. Click here for more information.


  • Dannielle Doss

    They need to stop the black Friday thing all together! Every year we hear about people who are trampled and injured. Either that or Walmart should be held responsible for all medical expenses!

  • Chris

    And yet we continue to contribute to these giant retail centers every year. When is Wal-Mart going to realize that they are the player in these people getting hurt year in year out? This is the main reasons my wife and I refuse to even step foot on there property. Wal-Mart does not need my money.

  • Jenni

    Corporate America is the reason that these things happen. Quit feeding into this chaos. It makes me sick! If people would not go then this would not happen.

  • Leslie

    American Fork Walmart handled their Black Thursday very well. It was actually kind of fun! We went early and got wrist bands. We sat by a couple of things we wanted Once it turned 6 p.m. we just got the tings and went to check out.

  • Jim Davis

    Greed, one of the deadly sins. These greedy individuals (decision making highly paid “executives”) that insist these events in their stores are held on Family Holidays but are never there to work them. They make it a “corporate policy” that the low paid do the work while they sit on their greedy rear ends with their family and watch. They would not be open if they had to work one of these events!

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