‘How to fight a baby’ video causes controversy

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  • rich w

    Awesome dad! If people worried more about absentee fathers they might make a positive difference…. This is parenting done right, get over it.

  • Be grateful and Move it forward

    This is great! I dont see vvhy people are getting so controversial about it. Its just a dad spending family time vvith his son vvho is OBVIOUSLY enjoying it and laughing the vvhole vvay through. If there really vvas a problem here that baby vvouldve been crying and screaming, looking terrified the moment he savv his dad.

    People need to start learning vvhen there is a real problem in a situation or vvhen its just messing around.

  • Rae

    I think it’s funny. The baby obviously enjoyed the entire thing and the guy was not hurting the baby. (Clearly it was just playing up until the point where they guy stood up and said, “he scratched my eye. My actual eye.”) People are just so uptight about everything and need to calm the hell down. Also, learn to use COMMON SENSE. (However I’m pretty sure most people just never had it…)

  • Erin Bean

    It bordered on “too aggressive” but it doesn’t concern me. I quite enjoyed the dad getting payback for messing with the kid!

  • MJ Brewer

    Oh there’s nothing wrong with taking your baby’s breath away and teaching him to be aggressive before he learns to speak. This way he’ll learn to kick and hit before he learns to reason.

    Gavin McInnes, you’re an idiot.

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