Utah mother says her son died due to flu shot

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SANDY, Utah --A Brighton High School graduate is dead and his mother believes it’s because of a flu shot.

Lori Webb is beyond grateful to the doctors who tried to save her son, and she said even they can't agree on what killed 19-year-old Chandler Webb.

She said his health unraveled right after a flu shot.  If that's what killed him, health officials said it would be a first in Utah.

"You can't describe how hard it is to lose a child," Lori Webb said. "I hate that I have to bury my son."

A month ago, Chandler was his typical happy and healthy self. Gearing up for an LDS mission, he went to a Sandy pediatrician for a physical.

"This was his first flu shot, he never had one before," Lori Webb said.

Less than 24 hours later, Chandler became violently ill.

"He said he never shook so hard his whole life,” Lori Webb said. “He had the worst headache, throw up."

On Oct. 23, he ended up at IMC in Murray with a team of six doctors trying to understand why the 19 year old was so ill.

“They checked every virus, every tick, every fungus,” Lori Webb said.

The tests came back negative.  Lori said most of the doctors dismissed the flu vaccine. Only one said it was a possibility. By that point, Chandler's brain swelled, and he slipped into a coma he would never wake from.

"He was 19, he was so happy,” Lori Webb said. “I hate what he went through in the hospital. when you're in a coma, you still suffer.”

Doctor Allyn Nakashima is the state epidemiologist and is aware of Chandler's case. Health officials said, as far they know, there's never been a death in Utah due to the flu vaccine but Dr. Nakashima said it is possible.

"We certainly have seen associations of encephalitis or encephalitis type illness following flu vaccine,” Nakashima said. “It's very rare, and we can't necessarily say there's a cause and effect here, we can say there's an association."

If the flu vaccine took Chandler Webb's life, Dr. Nakashima says it's one of those extremely rare cases and she hopes it doesn't discourage the public from getting flu shots.


  • michael

    That’s why I don’t get the flu shot never have and I have been just fine beenaround ppl that have the flu and not go it

  • janeal mikesell

    I goty flu shot this year. No pain and didn’t get sick at all, nothing. I will continue to get flu shots.

    • Craig Coman

      100% are you sure? What if it was proven to be the vaccine? Could our culture stand up and say “hey sorry guys we got it wrong”? Or would there be too much litigation, backlash and blame? Or maybe our ego would not let us be wrong? I mean who likes to be wrong? I for one am starting to question the information we receive. The swine flu was meant to kill us all a few years ago and yet how many did. Only a very few immune compromised people as far as I know. People get so emotive about this subject but how many have done their homework? You cannot make real choice without hearing both sides of an argument. It’s like judging your kids after hearing one story, you find out pretty quick there is more to it than meets the eye. Maybe we should be open to the other side of the story? For most that is too scary because we may in fact find there are flaws to the argument and that would make us re-evaluate our opinion. Maybe it’s not just the experts who are scared to be wrong?

  • Eric Anderson

    If you can’t explain it, it’s only “natural” to blame it on the last unusual thing that happened.

    Though it’s possible that his death was related to the flu vaccine, the reality is that huge numbers of lives have been saved by flu vaccinations.

    As with all other aspects of life that involve risk, however small that risk might be, it’s all about playing the odds. Odds are you’re better off getting the shot. So get the shot.

    Even healthy young people die of complications from influenza sometimes. Certainly far more than die from vaccines.

  • gwen

    I have had the flu shot many times with no incident but once they gave me the nasal flu vaccine. I had an allergic reaction. I didn’t feel good then about 2 hours after I received the mist I started to cough. I took a couple of benadryl because I knew it wasn’t right. The next morning my chest felt like I had been hit by a bus. I didn’t have a cold but felt as if someone had squeezed me for days. I had to go to the doctors who confirmed that I had an allergic reaction to the mist. The health department took a report. Of course they assumed I was allergic to eggs but that was not the case. I am now not allowed to have another flu shot.

  • Dino

    I have been getting a flu shot for the past 15 years and have never had a reaction. This is a sad situation for the family. But getting on the news without definitive proof is irresponsible. Without an autopsy there is no way to know. This situation may have been linked to the vaccination or it may have been coincidence that he fell ill at that moment. Although the thought of one of my kids having an autopsy performed is disturbing. I would want to know if there was something genetic that occurred that might show up in another child.

    • Nonya

      Thanks to vaccine use we hear about the one person in a million who has a fatal reaction instead of hearing about a million cases of diptheria or polio and the kids now in wheelchairs or dead. When you lose someone because of the cure it is sensational. When you lose someone because of a disease that takes millions you are just another statistic. My condolences to the family of this kid. He had his whole life ahead of him. But, I will keep getting my flu shot and risk being the one in a million reaction instead of the one of millions who get sick and die. It is still your best chance of disease-free living and good quality of life.

  • Katie

    I feel bad for this mother, but that said with social media effecting the way people think about vaccines could be a key factor as to why she might think it was the flu shot. If it were me I would do an autopsy to either prove it was or wasn’t. There could be some underlying factor that played a role that is being over looked. I get a flu shot every year since having kids and I have not gotten sick unless I was exposed to somethingbbefore getting it, which with kids is a high possibility.

  • Jaron Sherwood

    The first time I got the flu shot, I was 19 and in the military. I started getting extremely sick a couple days later, very bad headaches and coughing. 6 days after the flu shot I started to become paralyzed, the doctors determined that I had contracted guillan-barre syndrome from the shot. That shot changed my whole life and I will never have another.

  • Chris Hopes Anderson

    They say it’s rare for reaction to flu shot..hmmm. Not only did I know this woman,but my sister in law became deathly ill years ago right after flu shot. She now has an unexplained disease where she swells up and turns blue. My family used to get them, and become real sick every time. We quit getting them years ago. Funny..all have of us have been fine.

  • CAD

    It amazes me that people actually think that pharmaceutical companies are trying to protect people… they are making billions selling their wares. It is a BIG business… that is all. The United States is the biggest drugged up nation on the planet. The government has been using tax-payer dollars to pay off those who have won cases where an individual was either vaccine-injured or died since 1991. Drug stores bombard us every year and are now offering coupons for getting your flu shot… oh and don’t forget ALL the other vaccines now pushed!! DO YOUR RESEARCH… you will be shocked. Flu is NOT a season! It’s all about marketing and putting you in fear to make money. Eat healthy and nourish your body with food…. if you get the flu… you will get through it. It’s better than taking a chance at a side effect… sickness paralysis or even death.

  • Megan Lee

    Although I do have every sympathy for the family, in the loss of their beautiful son, I do have to question the lack of autopsy. Yes, it’s incredibly hard to had your child over for one of those. No matter how old your child is, having that done to them is the hardest thing in the world to do, but it can and does, answer a lot of questions. If the mother was at all interested in finding out the facts behind her sons death, she would ask for an autopsy. I note that she is considering legal action. it would be easier to do that, if she had a definitive answer for his death. I am in no way trying to detract from the fact that a family has lost a precious member. That a young man, on the cusp of his life, has left them. It’s a tragedy, that’s certain. But finding out why, that’s important, too. Finding out why, so that, if it was the vaccine, steps can be taken to make the vaccine safer. Other parents can be warned that it was in fact, the vaccine, rather than everyone jumping on the ‘don’t vaccinate’ bandwagon. Get the facts. Anything else is just hysteria.

  • therefusers

    “We certainly have seen associations of encephalitis or encephalitis type illness following flu vaccine,”

    That statement is a rare admission of the medical textbook definition of a vaccine adverse reaction by a doctor or public health official. They typically deny it.

    Readers should investigate this issue for themselves (links to the largest-selling medical textbook are in the article linked below).

    Readers should also note that doctors (and comments on this thread) who are denying the vaccine caused brain swelling are either ignorant of or contradicting the medical textbook definition of a vaccine adverse reaction. Don’t make that same mistake.

    The medical textbook definition of a vaccine adverse reaction: Brain Infection (Merck Manual)

    ‘Encephalitis is inflammation of the brain that occurs when a virus directly infects the brain or when a virus or something else triggers inflammation . . . Encephalitis can occur in the following ways … vaccine triggers a reaction that makes the immune system attack brain tissue (an autoimmune reaction)’

  • Cathy

    There is plenty of real scientific evidence out there about the efficacy of the vaccine – it really varies in different groups, for example in healthcare workers it can be as high as 85+%, and reduce time off work due to flu by half. However, in the elderly the vaccine’s effectiveness can be little better than 30%.

    When I was pregnant I also looked into this since I was offered the flu vaccine and found that the efficacy in pregnant women was very low (about 35% IIRC) and it came with an increased risk of pre-eclampsia, which I felt was an unacceptable trade.

    There is also plenty of recorded evidence (VAERS – the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) of negative reactions to vaccines of all kinds, including the flu vaccine. Encephalitis is one of the known serious adverse events, as is the auto-immune condition Guillain-Barre syndrome.

    As a side note, flu vaccine is manufactured using egg whites so if you have an egg allergy, you should NOT get the flu vaccine.

    It is perfectly possible that the flu vaccine killed this poor young man. It is also possible that he contracted an unknown ailment at the same time, which was made worse by the fact that his immune system was trying to react to both the vaccine and the disease.

    Sympathy to the bereaved family!

  • Artemis (@Illumination100)

    I think everyone should do massive research on flu shots. It is tragic that this young man died, but it is certainly not an isolated case. Nor are the severe reactions.
    I think it is atrocious that governments demand citizens take shots against flu without more discussion. For Europeans, where children receive a tiny percentage of shots that US kids are given, there is an approaching dange of US ideas being passed. A huge amount of profit is involved and very little debate is allowed. Most conventional doctors hu-ha any question of doing otherwise, and one is constantly treated as if one were risking the lives of the children one loves. It is the same with measles (see the hotly debated article Robert F. Kennedy Jr. wrote many years ago) and many other shots that are considered normal for babies nowadays. The question of autism has never been fully answered.
    I have never given my kids flu shots and instead, try to keep them healthy, their immune system strong, ward off oncoming fls with various preventative measures, put them to bed when they are sick and treat them with a number of homeopathic medicines and natural teas, tinctures and so on. I call the doctor only if I see that they are sicker than normal. I take no risks, but am quite experienced and informed about what I am doing, so would never recommend others follow my example without some experience and always double-checking with a trusted doctor. My doctor happens to be open to discussion.

  • Carrie Boehler

    I haven’t had one in years. I was kinda nervous just because I know you can sometimes feel sick for a day or two but I took a chance. My son can’t have the shot due to an egg allergy so I wanted to get it to help protect him. I got the shot and I felt NOTHING. No pain, no chills, not even a sniffle! I believe they are important and like his mother said, a freak accident is Jo reason why people shouldn’t get them. 99% of the time you are going to be fine. More people die from the flu virus then flu shots. That’s why they were created in the first place.

  • Cynthia Parker

    My father was paralyzed for the last three years of his life by a flu vaccine that he got in November 1999. I have MS from a reaction to a tetanus booster, and my daughter has autism from reactions to the hep-B vaccine at birth and the DTaP booster at 18 months. We’ll never get another shot for the rest of our lives. I’ve had the flu maybe five or six times, and it was awful, but it’s still better than being paralyzed or killed by the flu vaccine, and it happens much more often than was suggested in this story. Sambucol and homeopathic bryonia and oscillococcinum (see Neustaedter’s The Flu Guide) have worked very well for me when I’ve had the flu, and they won’t disable you for the rest of your possible greatly shortened life. The shots just aren’t worth the risk.

  • B A

    Each batch of vaccines comes with 2 slips of paper. One that states there are 12 bottles of so many milliliters of what ever the vaccine. The second lists the ingredients that are in the vaccine. The list includes side effects or the damage which may occur to the human body. Most lists include neurological damage. This list also includes adjuvents in the vaccine such as mercury, aluminum, MSG, peanut oil and other items which should not be injected into the blood stream. To see what mercury does to Brain Neurons, watch the following 30 second video.

    Secondly, in environmental engineering there is a thrush hold value which is used designated as LD50 (lethal dose 50). That being the dosage of a poison or product which causes death to 50 per a specific fish population. It continues to amaze me that people think that all people have the same tolerance for pollutants, chemicals or poisons. If there is an LD50 then surely there is an LD01 or an LD 0.001 (which would be 1 in 100,000).

    Anyone paying attention to history should remember what happened in the last country that advocated FOR THE GREATER GOOD.

  • Irma

    Did the flu shot contain polysorbates and Mercury? Did he have a damaged blood brain barrier? Can the viral particles travel to the brain and cause an inflammation? Can the microglia overreact intensely? Can inflammatory cytokines and free radicals generated by the powerful adjuvants cause the swelling or the inflammatory reaction? Can the flu vaccine suppress mitochondrial function and cause death/ by disrupting ATP productions in the neurons? Which flu shot did he take? What are the complete ingredients in this vaccine? My deep sympathy to his Mother and family. This is terrible.Shame,how can this happen???

  • John

    The difference between the dangers of automobiles vs. vaccines is that the dangers with automobiles is obvious to everyone and cannot be denied. Therefore everyone that decides to drive a car (or ride in one), and insurer’s, are fully aware and informed about those dangers. Also adequate precautions are taken to minimize the dangers of vehicles, for those who choose to use them.

    The dangers for vaccines however, are not apparent at all, and are in fact greatly underplayed by vaccine manufacturers and the medical establishment (which is financially supported by the pharmaceutical industry). The notion given, both explicitly and implicitly, is that vaccinations are “safe”; and in fact NOT taking them is “unsafe”. (imagine if the automobile industry made the statement that NOT riding in a vehicle was in fact LESS safe than riding in one! LOL). Therefore claims of harm done by vaccinations is scoffed at by the public, and fought against by industries and those who benefit from it.

    There is a symbiotic relationship between the medical establishment and the pharmaceutical industry, which means that one will strongly defend the other because they are interdependent!

  • Nurse2276

    Straight from FDA on flu vaccines “Neurological disorders temporally associated with influenza vaccination such as
    209 encephalopathy, optic neuritis/neuropathy, partial facial paralysis, and brachial plexus
    210 neuropathy have been reported.”
    It does happen people, just doesn’t make the evening news every time or gets reported.
    $.75 of every flu shot goes into a federally funded program for vaccine injured people!

  • Sarah

    I got a flu shot this year and about 12 hours later I woke up with a very fast heart rate, hives, headache, and fever. Went to the hospital all they did was give me benadryl. I was 7 weeks pregnant it scared me so bad.

  • T.T

    I think it’s because people who have gotten the flu shot over the years have built up an immunity to it in small doses. People like this kid who’s never had one gets the full impact of the shot at it’s strongest strength and it hits them like a freight train. I’m worried that I’ll die from it if I ever have to get one because I haven’t had a flu shot for so many years…

  • Chris Romero

    My History professor did not die, but he got very very ill after he got his flu shot but despite his illness he still showed up to give lectures. I felt bad for him because he was so sick, he said it started happening right after his flu shot and it lasted 3 weeks

  • Jean

    I’ve always been “afraid” of getting the flu shot. I had a flu shot last year for the first time because I was a newly diagnosed diabetic. The site of the shot started burning and itching within 10 minutes. It continued to get worse over the next few hours. I woke up at 2:00 a.m. in excruciating pain. My arm hurt and everything on the same side of my body from my shoulder to under my rib cage ached. This included under my arm and my whole left chest area. I have never been in so much pain in my life. My family called the emergency room who said that it could not be as a result of the flu shot. 4 days later, still in pain, I went to my doctor, who said that I should never, ever have another flu shot. The lining of my chest was extremely inflamed. I spent the next 2 weeks alternating heat and ice. I am not allergic to latex or eggs ( I have eggs almost every day for breakfast). No explanation…but a year later and my left side still doesn’t feel normal. God Bless this poor boy’s family.

  • Informed

    The package insert for the flu shot clearly lists all the dangers of taking it. Most people and doctors never read about the harmful side effects including death. I encourage everyone to read the package inserts before taking any vaccine. There is solid evidence from the makers of the vaccines that they are not totally safe and effective as most ignorant, uninformed people believe. The good news is that most stupid people won’t research this information or read the package insert so they continue to take vaccines eventually resulting in serious illness or death so the shots do tend to cull out the dumb herd.

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