Kmart Christmas commercial causes controversy

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(FOX 8)— Love it or hate it, the new Kmart commercial is causing some controversy.

The commercial depicts a group of men in tuxedo tops and boxer shorts shaking their booty to “Jingle Bells.”

Dubbed “Show Your Joe,” the commercial begins with six men, who appear to be dressed in tuxedos, standing behind a curtain while ringing bells.

However, a few seconds later the curtain is whisked away, revealing the men’s bottoms are clad in Joe Boxer underwear.

The commercial is part of a new advertising campaign for Joe Boxer, a brand of underwear and related apparel sold exclusively at Kmart and Sears.

People have swarmed the Kmart Facebook page with both complaints and compliments.

“Please know that not only will I NOT be shopping at your business on Thanksgiving Day, but because of your heartless disregard of your employees in this manner, I will refuse to patronize your stores AT ALL this holiday season,” said one dissatisfied shopper.

Another person disagreed and raved about the commercial.

“I love the Joe Boxer commercial. I don’t know what the big hype is about it being distasteful. People need to lighten up and enjoy a good laugh. Well done. I’ll buy my hubby a pair or two!”


  • Lisa

    Hilarious!!! Life is so stressful and there are so many other worries, why not take a minute and laugh a little! People turn everything into a controversy. I choose to sit back and laugh! We all need to look at some cute men shake their tushy a little!

  • Melissa Lewis

    I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw it – way too funny! I agree – it’s a bit too raunchy for kids to watch, but is certainly a LOT more tasteful than the junk being fed to our kids on a daily basis on TV and the Internet. Ms. Cyrus’ latest videos come to mind….

  • It's funny

    It’s such a funny commercial I could not stop laughing. People need to lighten up there is way too much negativity in the world. If you don’t like it don’t watch it. ITS THAT SMIPLE!!!

  • Tracie Perinsky

    To funny i forgot about Kmart!! Laugh when i see it. Telling family – friends – co- workers check ad out . great job.

  • Bridget

    Amazing how many people do not see the debasement in ads like this one; because others take a low road makes this acceptable? Wait ‘ til next year! Our society is sick and sinking.DOES ANYONE CARE?!!!
    Probably not, as long as it is disguised as humor,
    Laughing Fools!

  • Brittany Thursby

    Hahaha I think this is awesome! Bravo Joe Boxer and Kmart! Bravo!
    To the people saying you won’t shop at Kmart because of this delightful commercial is just plain ignorant! You shop at places where WOMEN are used as the sexual beings. you buy Products that objectify Women in their commercial. By golly I bet you even eat at resturants or fast-food places that objectify Women. Why not a comical, funny advertisement such as this…..they don’t even have their shits off! I’d say that’s the only disappointing thing about this commercial! I say again Bravo! Love it!

  • Jared

    The person you quoted as the person who was opposed to this commercial was actually opposed to the fact that Kmart is forcing employees to work on Thanksgiving day, it had nothing to do with the commercial.

  • Billy Bell

    Love the commercial!!! It’s all in good Fun!! I alway’s have,, and will continue to shop Kmart! but still won’t do it on Thanksgiving!

  • adrienne dunn

    I love it I saw it on tv the Facebook and Uribe I laughed so hard I work with nine men and I showed them the commercial and laughed about it lighten up the men have more clothes on then women do underwear and its more tasteful than tampons pads and condom commercials

  • christiansens

    I laughed, it was meat in a healthy manner. I see how the world can b. Victoria secret angels all over with basically nothing but wings. Really world. dont don’t get urour boxers in a bunch

  • Marc

    its about time a big corperation take a comidic twist to their commercial here in the USA. We as a nation have lost our sense of humor and become an old purde. In Many countries in Europe have extremely comedic standings on their commercials; for instance LG has a commercial where they replace the floor of an elevator with some TVs and play a prank on the riders that the floor is collapsing apart. That sense of making memorable and funny commercials has been lost and everyone is truly making a mountain out of a mole hole with this. GET OVER IT!

  • Summer

    I love this. People need to lighten up, if people are still more than willing to shop Victorias Secret when they have nothing but half naked women promoting their bras and under ware then what is wrong with men showing off boxers trying to sell the brand? At least this is lightened up and makes a good joke over it.

  • Diane

    I have to agree….Carls Jr commercials are extremely suggestive. Women have been exploited for years. Why is it ok for women to wear virtually nothing in underwear commercials and not men. I find this far from offensive “you go K-Mart” I appreciate the humor and will go out of my way to shop at your store!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mary

    Bravo, your latest commercials have been fantastic, I hope you will not pull it. GET A LIFE PEOPLE! Complain about something that really matters!!!!!!!

  • Kelly

    What is the difference between this commercial and commecials of Victoria Secret Angels? I love this commercial… Kmart “Ring On!”

  • Sheryl Jo

    Would you take a shot of whiskey and set it in front of a recovering alcoholic? That would be so mean and totally unacceptable. Do you realize people with porn addictions this is exactly what is being done to them? Why is this funny and acceptable along with other commercials like Victoria Secrets? Do you realize that porn addiction is the main underlying cause of most Divorces? Did you know Porn addiction is so on the rise with woman that it will soon surpass men with this terrible sickness? I find nothing funny or acceptable about this commercial at all.

  • karen

    Oh, honey. If you’re trying to compare a commercial to porn addiction, your problems go way deeper than anything Kmart can address. Suggest you seek professional counseling soon.

  • Renee

    Well umm I don’t think they’re shaking just their “boo-tays”. I think it’s more like they’re shaking their very own “jingle bells” lol. I’ve got 3 boys so I’m sure other ppl out there have known their boys to do just that when they’re messing around.
    But seriously ppl just need to laugh about it and not be so uptight over a freaking commercial! Cheese-us all mighty isn’t there more scary things in this country/world to talk about or get upset about? Try breathing for once without getting your undies in a bunch.

  • Shae

    I love all the negative comments. After laughing uncontrollably at the video, I get to laugh at all the uptight people.

  • bkl

    People just need to lighten up its a dang commercial one time a year. People need a laugh at this time of year. Thats right look at those victoria secrete commercials no one says anything about that. Who ever said this is like porn doesnt have a clue what the heck there talking about . Any way was funny as hell. People out there got bigger things to worry about than this like our governamemt trying to screw us

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