Viral Video: Elk confronts photographer

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    should not have killed this elk that has lived many years…im sickened and so should they be…all because he had big horns, im sooo impressed…NOT

  • Cher

    Most elk and other animals in National Parks are not afraid of humans. Duh. It is illegal to hunt or harm them in National Parks.


      Doesn’t matter if its a national park… If any animal decides to attack or even have the attempt of harm to any human being someone could easily of killed or possibly scared the elk.. but you don’t hear the photographer screaming in horror or even in panic… the photographer kept his cool good for him.

  • Bob Grove

    I’ve been unable to substantiate the claim that the young elk was euthanized. Do you have such a confirmation? Thanks.

  • Paul

    it is a yearling and probably smelled some trail mix in the photographers bag. as for euthanizing animals for not being scared of humans they only do that to animals that are a actual threat to people. like cougars, bears and wolves. as for killing an animal for the size of their antlers I find that disturbing. I am a hunter and would never hunt like that. it is best to let the bigger majestic animals live on to strengthen the herd.

    • Matt

      nice to hear that, too many hunt for sport and trophy and diminish the healthy genes within an ecosystem. Respect brada man!

  • CLEM

    I can not believe that this animal was killed due to the fact the photographer was in his territory and had an encounter with this animal. There was no aggression in this transaction but playful content on the animals part. If he had wanted to be aggressive he could have but it was not. Humans have taken enough of wild animals territory where they live and survive. How can they survive without land trees and water with food sources, they can’t so they have to come in contact with humans that destroy their homeland, how would we feel if the shoe is on the other foot and they destroyed out homeland. There must be balance. This photographer is evidently not educated enough about wild untamed animals to have regards for them or himself. Most of the areas in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park inform you to not interact with the animals there and they do inform you not to get out of your vehicle to take pictures…… Idiot I guess…

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