Videos: How to pronounce Utah city names

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  • Eric Anderson

    But while we’re on the subject: The “correct” way to pronounce place names is how the locals do it. “Hurricane” is correctly pronounced “Hurric’n” because that’s how people who live there say it. It’s not a tropical storm. It’s a town.

    • Rob

      Eric, The proper way to pronounce Hurricane is Hurricane. Of course many do call it Hurric’n like you mention. That is only because of the improper or lazy slur of the grammar used.

      The story of the cities name originally came from Erastus Snow. A strong gust of wind that blew the top off of a buggy in which he was in. He made the comment “Well, that was a Hurricane. At that time he called the place ‘Hurricane Hill’. Eventually, after the city was settled it adopted the name.

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