Davis County considering regulations on e-cigarettes, vaping

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DAVIS COUNTY, Utah – The Davis County Board of Health is asking for the public’s input on regulations they are considering regarding e-cigarettes and vaping merchandise.

Officials with many shops that sell the products said they are already in compliance with many of the proposed regulations.

Ivy Melton with the Davis County Health Department said they are seeking the go-ahead to create their own regulations for the sale of e-cigarettes and the information regarding the vapors that should be made known to consumers.

“The board of health is looking to put in some regulations that will close some gaps,” Melton said.

Health officials said that consumers going from store to store may not know the full details about what’s in the products they purchase. FOX 13 News reported last week about the growing popularity of e-cigarettes and the lack of regulation of them.

Davis County health officials said they would like ingredients to be clearly labeled and in compliance with FDA consumer safety standards. They said most vaping juice cartridges contain propylene glycol, glycerine, flavoring and nicotine.

Jason Cornfeld owns Electronic Stix in Layton, and he said he is already complying with the proposed regulations. He said he and other vaping vendors even worked with health officials to draft the proposals.

“We've worked together to try and get the regulation to be what it is,” Cornfeld said. “Hopefully the whole state will just end up adopting that regulation.”

A public hearing will be held before the board of health votes, but a date has yet to be set.


  • Eric Anderson

    You should not be allowed to expose people to nicotine against their will.

    Don’t give me that “there is no proof that it’s harmful” line, either. The burden is on you to prove that it’s not harmful to me. Until then, my right to clean air trumps your right to “vape.”

    I would have thought this was obvious.

  • Luci Wickbrat Knauss

    It’s funny, I have 3 doctors who tell me that it is not harmful, who encourage the use of e-cigarettes, and that there is nothing in second hand vapor that is harmful. I don’t vape in places that don’t allow smoking, but, if you come into my yard or my home, then that is on you. I vape in my house and in my yard. I did not force second hand smoke on others when I smoked and do not do so in restaurants, etc as a vaper, but will not refrain if you enter my yard or my home, that is my territory.

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