High School Coach Fired Over Facebook Photo

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(FOX 8)–A high school basketball coach and substitute teacher in Idaho was reportedly fired over a Facebook photo that shows her fiancé touching her breast.

ABC News reported that the school district described the photo as ‘immoral.’

Laraine Cook, 31, said the school told her she was fired because the photo was on her Facebook account; her fiancé, the school’s varsity football coach, kept his job.

The photo was taken while they were on vacation in July.

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  • grace hope

    I’m a prude and I don’t find that photo offensivie enough to be fired over. I see worst things on our public streets.

  • Guy Noir

    But the coach (who was doing the grabbing) keeps his job. Boy, that speaks volumes about the district and their priorities. I’ll bet, had it been HIS facebook page, he still would’ve kept his job.

  • MJ Brewer

    Facebook is not school, and if people will be held accountable for what goes on there, they may as well start peeking through bedroom windows before hiring.

    The act of “having your breast touched” by your fiance is worthy of being fired, but the guy that actually does it gets no penalty? Something is way off kilter on that note, I’d say. First, she did nothing wrong, and if she did how is his behavior any better?

    (Wondering if the principal is upset he’s not included in the pic.)

  • Scott

    Was their conduct illegal? No. Was the picture offensive? Not really. Were they doing this on school property? No. Other than the fact that they were both employees of the school did this picture have anything to do with the school or their jobs? Absolutely not. Should there be a law prohibiting employers from punishing people for what they have on facebook? Yes. Should this woman sue the school for wrongful termination? HELL YES.

  • j gough

    This is just ridiculous! If you are going to fire one you have to fire both.There should never be a double standard,unfortunately .there still is

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