Poll: Is vaping safer than tobacco?

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Business is booming for dozens of Utah stores that specialize in e-cigarettes and related products.

Some smokers claim e-cigs are a safer alternative to regular tobacco products and credit them for helping them quit smoking ordinary cigarettes.

But health officials cannot support them as smoking cessation devices because they haven’t been given the appropriate FDA testing.

Tonight on FOX 13 News at Nine, Ben Winslow takes a close look at vaping – with interviews from supporters, store owners, health officials and more.

In the meantime, tell us what you think in our poll question below.


  • phomago

    Sorry, but science is not democracy…. The ANSWER is Yes, vaping is orders of magnitudes less harmfull (e.g. safer) than smoking tobacco.
    It’s not an opinion, it’s a FACT.

  • Sylvie

    I smoked for almost 30yrs and my health was going downhill, i could not even walk to car in parking lot without breathing heavily and it was not due to being overweight, i am only 120lbs.. I was always tired and lack energy to even do basic household things.. Since vaping, i can jog, do household chores, go out and about regularly, and i no longer feel like i am sleep walking through life.. There may not be lots of studies on the vaping benefits or harm but, i am proof to myself that vaping IS indeed safer and a healthier choice.. Those that say otherwise, obviously have not done their own research for there are thousands of us vapers online alone that state they too have had much improved health since switching to vaping!!

  • BtForest

    Worlds of difference in my book. Smoked a pack a day for 25+ years until i picked up an ecig. Same day – Last day i smoked a cigarette. Why would the FDA try to deny that to so many people?

  • brew

    Im a vaper and works out intensely I can bench 250lbs x 8 reps of 4 sets. Was never out of breath nor made me weak!

  • Leo

    My wife, my niece and I disconnected cigarettes and began vaping 11 months ago at the prompting of my daughter. We have all three experienced improved health and self esteem. It was especially beneficial to me, as my asthma has almost disappeared. My only regret is not doing this sooner.

  • Leo

    Remember a few years ago when tobacco companies actually stated that smoking was NOT harmful? There’s now many studies on tobacco dangers, but I’ve yet to read a comprehensive study that shows the harm of vaping. It is a relatively new thing, but I have to go on how I feel after almost a year of vaping instead of smoking. I would rather accept the word of people who managed to quit tobacco through vaping than opinions of people who have not tried it. The most vocal seem to be non-smokers or those who like to brag about how they quit “cold turkey”.

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