SLC Officers set out to help residents prevent burglaries

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Community Intelligence Unit members with the Salt Lake City Police Department conducted a burglary prevention operation Thursday, all in an effort to help residents stay safe.

Officers said 25 percent of burglaries are due to unsecured homes. FOX 13 news rode along Thursday with officers as they hit the streets looking for things like open garage doors, unsecured property, cars idling and unattended and anything else that might create an opportunity for a thief.

Cops said thieves are constantly cruising through neighborhoods, usually during the day, looking for an easy score.

"They do do surveillance, and check the area and see what time people are leaving often," Det. Charlie Goodman said. "If they know that people are at work and they're not home, so that's when a lot of burglaries are occurring."

Detectives targeted areas where there's already been issues with thefts and burglary. They said it's often just simple steps to secure your property can help keep you from being a victim.