PA unveils ‘teen driver’ license plates

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Source: Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

SCRANTON, Pa. — Drivers in Pennsylvania will start seeing a new type of license plate alerting them about rookies on the roadway.

The state now offers a specialty license plate that includes a small yield sign and the words “TEEN DRIVER PLEASE BE COURTEOUS.”

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  • Anony Mous

    I think this violates the teenager’s privacy. Also, I have seen adults texting while on the freeway. I have also been rear ended by an adult who was not paying attention. Adults can be just as dangerous as teenagers and teenagers can be good drivers like adults.

  • mia

    if we play nicely around teenagers and let them do whatever on the road just because they are still learning they will never know that they are making mistakes on the road and will never learn. they should be treated as any other driver. and if they are not ready they should not be allowed to drive alone or on freeways until they feel comfortable. for their own safety. ultimately I think 16 is too early to drive. it should be 18.

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