Video: Dad lip syncs along with daughter’s epic tantrum

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  • august

    good for this guy. when my son was about 7 we were in a safeway grocery store when he sat down on the floor and threw a tantrum. i sat down next to him and threw one myself, imitating his whining and screaming because he couldn’t get something. he was in shock and looked at me in horror. he never pulled that stunt again.

  • Mindy

    I LOVE IT!!! The mom said the little girl couldn’t be calmed down, so you might as well have fun instead of getting mad yourself. They needed laughter during a time like that!!! It is too easy to get mad during those situations, and frustrated when you can’t seem to do anything to calm the kid down. Laughter is the best way to get through it!!!

  • Donald Skelton

    Children have tantrums because they can’t get their own way. One or two hits on the backside with the hand would have ended that, but you are not allowed to spank children in the USA, a shame for parents in the USA. Indulging a child and letting them have their own way is a recipe for disaster, because all you create is a brat. The parents could have become uptight and angry. Using humor was a way to diffuse an otherwise unpleasant situation. Besides that, we are not made aware of all the details why the daughter was having a tantrum, so criticism needs to be kept ourselves. Americans have a talent for being quick to criticize each other. I say shut up and mind your own business. You take care of your own kinds in your own special way and let other parents take care of their children in their own way.

  • Lynn

    My youngest son tried to have a screaming tantrum once when he was about 3. I mimicked him and it didn’t take to long for him to stop. Once we were both done with our little tantrum, I explained that tantrums were not the way to go about getting what you want and he has never had another of those.

  • Sharon

    I think it was great! The dad is obviously engaged, but willing to forego frustration and anger to show his daughter how absurd her behavior is. I’ve often said I’m so glad we, as adults, don’t react to life situations like kids having temper tantrums! This is proof that they really accomplish nothing!

  • Shawn

    That is awesome!!! I mimick my boys when they act like butts as well. They quickly learn I won’t deal with their attitudes. LOL Way to go guys!

  • Melissa Jones

    And the best part is, this story is going to be told in that family over and over and over…. for years. Lol.

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