Poll: Would you vote for Sen. Mike Lee?

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  • Lynn Michelsen

    He is one of the really good guys gives us hope that we can get the Country back to the Constitutional Law.

  • K. K. Price

    It is so refreshing to have someone stand up to the government tyrannical establishment. Thanks Mike Lee. You are awesome!!!

  • Mike T.

    I did not vote for Mike Lee in the 2010 election, however, if he runs again I will vote for him. He shows he has guts, stands up for us and for our Constitution, of which most citizens have no idea of its principles. He is amazing.

  • Lynda Ashcraft

    If great, principled people have no negative press I begin to suspect something to be wrong….there are always naysayers and mockers of honorable people….

  • Ben Welch

    We can’t send these guys back there, ask them to shake it up and not go along to get along with the good old boys who set this mess up, then turn our backs on them when they do!! I say thanks to Mike Lee and Ted Kruz.

  • Chris

    He can’t manage his personal finances, (short sale), why would anyone trust him to manage National finances.


    Mike Lee Is a man of principle and went back to Washington to shake it up instead of being part of the good old boys Club like Hatch. I salute a man that isn’t worry about being reelected but put his gloves on and goes to work. Thank you Mike, the majority respect you for your work.

  • b eckah j

    Mike Lee did the job we elected him to do: stand for correct governing principles and uphold the United States Constitution; unlike Hatch. I’m grateful that Lee kept his campaign promises and I’m so proud of his leadership. Keep it up Lee, God bless you, Cruz, and Paul!

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