Member of Ordain Women discusses upcoming LDS priesthood meeting

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Kate Kelly is from the group Ordain Women, which is a group of members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints pushing for women to attend the priesthood session of this year's LDS General Conference.

Check out the video to see what she had to say about the LDS church's decision to broadcast the priesthood session this year, as well as Ordain Women's goals for the future.

For more information about Ordain Women, visit their website.


  • Mike

    This is silly. If this woman had any idea what the priesthood was or how it is given she wouldn’t even have to ask. If you truly believe in a living prophet and the priesthood you would know it was of God. If got wanted women to hold it no man could stop it from happening. I think this women need to ask herself what she believes.

  • Breckon

    If a Female had the Priesthood. The Young Men and Males will do nothing about family’s. The father wont really care about the family. they will go to work and come back also, go to church. The Priesthood is a keystone to exercise faith. “If any man shall do his will he shall know of the doctrine” the Priesthood is doing the will of the lords will and we will know the true doctrine. If i asked one question. it would be why would you want to go to a season for man only and could the men go to the woman’s conference?

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