Video: Woman drives USPS truck over lawn to deliver package

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  • Scott

    There is plenty wrong with fat people. They tax our health care system to the max and it costs all of us because of their BS ways of living. She should be fired for that and hire a 22 year old Vet that can’t get a job right now.

    • Mary Braden

      It doesn’t matter if she’s fat. I do the same job and don’t do that. She’s just lazy. I don’t tax the health care system. I’m in perfect health. There are plenty of young people that do the same job and the Do it just add lazily as she does. What makes you think because you are young you deserve the job more than an older person. I served my country just as you did. I don’t believe that any one owes me anything. I worked for everything I have. .fat or not I’m not less than you are because I weigh more than you do.

  • Wife of a mail carrier

    Rural carriers don’t wear uniforms, or new hires. Don’t think she’ll be either much longer after this…

  • Eric Anderson

    The only way to gain weight is to consume more calories than you burn, and it takes over a thousand a day just to keep an adult alive, even if they don’t exercise at all.

    Being overweight is optional.

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