Protesters express frustrations with police department

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COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS, Utah – About 30 people gathered Saturday for a protest targeting the Cottonwood Heights Police Department.

Protesters said police in the area are targeting a small group of businesses located at the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon, but the mayor said that’s not so.

Mayor Kelvyn Cullimore said as recently as last week the department was called the best mid-sized city department in the state by police chiefs at conference in St. George.

Business owners like Jim Stojack, who owns The Canyon Inn, said those chiefs must not see what happens near his business.

“The last thing, two Sundays ago, they did a prisoner exchange in my parking lot,” Stojack said of the department. “Lift House is on the west side of me, and I’m The Canyon Inn. Why would police pull into my parking lot, block the entrance and do a prisoner exchange when there are two businesses that are open?”

Cullimore addressed Stojack’s concerns.

“I’m sorry that Mr. Stojack and some of his associates feel they are being targeted, I can assure you they are not, but we regret they feel it was necessary to stage this small protest,” he said. “But, from our perspective, we feel our police are doing an excellent job.”

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