LGBTQ pride festival held in Provo

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PROVO, Utah -- A LGBTQ pride festival was held Saturday in what many call the most conservative county in the United States.

People of all ages, from all over the state, enjoyed nice weather, good food and music as part of a new annual tradition, the Provo Pride Festival.

Memorial Park filled with vendors, non-profits, shopping, games, music and food beginning at 10 a.m. The event was held the same day as the rival Brigham Young University and University of Utah football game.

"I think we have an image that's very... people hear conservative and they think a lot of negative things sometimes and I think that's unfair because I think for the most part we are a really wonderful, open community," said Kat Phillpotts, festival director.

Attendance at the festival was strong, according to organizers.

"It will probably get bigger every year. It's a beautiful thing to think Happy Vally Provo is actually really going to be more happy by having this inclusive feeling in the community," said Randall Thacker, Affirmation: Gay & Lesbian Mormons.

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