Teen rescued from between two walls after reaching for his PSP

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(CCTV)– A teenager was rescued from narrow gaps in between two walls in Dalian, a port city in northeast China.

Video footage recently released by fire department of Dalian showed their rescue operation.

The incident took place on the afternoon of August 30, when Zhang, the 16-year-old teenager, got stuck in a 25-centimeter-wide gap between the walls of two warehouses.

Local firefighters rushed to the site and found that Zhang was more than four meters deep in the narrow space, suffocating.

As the teenager was so stuck into the tiny space, breaking a wall seemed to be the only solution. The rescuers decided to dig a hole on the wall near the boy’s leg.

In two hours, Zhang was pulled out through the hole. Doctor at the site gave him a brief examination, confirming that the boy’s condition was good.

According to Zhang, he was trying to pick up his PSP (playstation portable) that dropped to between the walls, but stumbled and fell into the gap.

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