Residents flee flames in Summit County Tuesday

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Racing against an unpredictable threat, hundreds of families barely had time to think as the Rockport 5 Fire made its way into their neighborhoods.

“We were able to get in and get the most important things, our pets and some documents. So, we didn’t have too much time but to get out,” said Tori Barnhart, who has a home in the subdivision of Bridgehollow.

Barnhart’s neighborhood, as well Promontory and Rockport Estates, were all evacuated as flames spread rapidly across approximately 1,500 acres in Summit County.

Andy Ginn, who recently built a home in Rockport Estates, said the flames were about 15 feet tall as he fled the area.

“The fire was coming up onto my neighbor’s, which is an older home. And it was up to their back door. It was probably 100 feet from our house. So, it was very, very close,” Ginn said.

At least three homes in Ginn’s neighborhood were destroyed, but fire officials estimated about 15 more were ruined.

Ginn said he and his neighbors were able to get out safely, though, which was more significant than any damage done to his property.

“We will rebuild,” Ginn said.

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