Big Budah’s blog: Keeping up with the family

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This week has been a very busy and eventful week, with so many family obligations–a nephew’s Eagle Scout ceremony, another nephew’s wedding engagement announcement, a niece’s baby blessing and a birthday party.

In the past it has been difficult for me to go to many family functions because I would be tired after one family get together, but now I am like, “Come on, let’s go!” It’s a nice change of pace for me, and it’s one of the many reasons I am grateful to be slimming down.

With a lot of family gatherings comes a different array of foods and desserts. In the past the routine would be to make a little plate to eat and pack a bigger plate to take home. Now it is mostly having a cup of water in hand to accompany me the whole time, and I stop eating after a chicken wing or two. Any plate that gets packed for home is now doomed to be tossed in the trash.

Old habits and mind-sets are tough to shake, but it is getting easier as I go along. Thank you all for your support during this process. If you want to follow my Losing for Life journey from the very beginning, click here.

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