Utah lawmakers discuss creating campaign contribution caps

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SALT LAKE CITY – State lawmakers have been discussing putting limits on the amount of money someone can contribute to a political campaign.

Utah is one of four states where there are no campaign contribution caps, and at least two lawmakers would like to change that.

Rep. Kraig Powell, R- District 54, and Rep. Brian King, D-District 28, are pushing for legislation that would cap campaign contributions.

King said the fact they are in session to investigate Attorney General John Swallow makes such legislation timely.

“One of the things that we're struggling with in dealing with this situation involving the Attorney General's race, is the amount of money that flowed into that race, a statewide race, by individuals and entities who were being investigated, or were threatened with investigation, and the concern of course is that those contributions may have influenced the judgment, either consciously or unconsciously, of individuals within the Attorney General's Office or the Attorney General himself, or they had the potential to influence that judgment,” he said.

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