New app helps kids with diabetes track dietary needs

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Sometimes children with diabetes can struggle to keep track of their insulin levels, but a new online app aims to make that easier for them.

The Diabetes Calculator for Kids is a new online application that helps kids calculate how much insulin and carbohydrates they need in their diets. The app is the work of Dr. David Repaske of Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

Repaske said the app helps with a process that can be difficult for children.

"There's no weekend off, there's no summer vacation from diabetes,” he said. “It's something you've got to deal with every single day.  And that makes it really tough, because you just get tired of it."

The app allows users to input their data and then print out a customized graph that outlines their dietary needs, which can be helpful for teachers, friends’ parents and others who may look after the child.

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