Big Budah’s blog: Losing weight and fights with girls

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WOW! What a week!

With my oldest daughter graduating from Jordan High School, softball practice and tournaments for another daughter, and trying to entertain in-laws who are in town, I was literally running around at a frantic pace. In construction workers lingo: Trying to get everything done in time and under budget.

I am feeling good and am keeping up with exercise, even though I missed a few days this week due to the family stuff. I am having more fun at work because I am able to move around more and want to “DO” more stuff without hesitation.

I was even at The Ultimate Combat Training Center in Sugar House Wednesday, and, a word of caution, just because you lose weight doesn’t mean you’re good at everything…I got put into an arm bar by a 10-year-old girl!

Despite losing a fight to a 10-year-old, I am feeling really good about my fight against obesity. Thank you for all of your support, and click here to see my Losing for Life journey from start to finish.

Curious about my fight with the 10-year-old? See the video below.

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